BookInABox Video Job Application

I had recently heard of this job for It sounded really cool and I was very excited to hear that it was open to people anywhere. Like I would be able to work from home or wherever I am. It pretty much sounds like an amazing sales job for a new company. The only catch was I had to make a 2 minute video to send as my “application.” Do you know how hard it is to shorten everything you want to say about how you would be the best choice for a job in under 2 minutes? I mean my last job interview was 3 hours long! )here is a link to the job description

I had only one hour of time I could put into this task due to my 6-day-a-week work schedule and all the errands on my only day off (and some other things I cannot mention.) Every one of my fifteen attempts to make the perfect video (using my phone because the lighting in my apartment was not compatible with my laptop) was not perfect. The first few tries were way longer than 2 minutes. Closer to 3 minutes. The last couple tries I either forgot one of the key points I wanted to get in or because of the delay starting the video did not pick up my full name. I had a lot of 20 second clips that ended abruptly because I said something wrong, which was really frustrating.

Either way, it came down to 2 videos; one had the key point of organization and the second was better but my name was totally not there and I did not show my organization prop. After sending both videos to my friends (the two of them) I decided to go with the former. Cross your fingers people. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me (that being said I wish I had more free time to perfect a 2 min video…work life totally is not good right now) working for people I like and being able to let my input be heard and not hushed.

Side-note: I would write everything I wanted to say in the video here but then I would have to make this a private post. Since I do not know the emails of anyone at bookinabox to add them to the list of viewers I had to make this public. In case any of you four working at visit please check out these posts; from May 2014
and from January 2015
and from December 2014 (I’d love to have you read some older posts but those are my favorite current posts.)

Tucker Max, if you are reading this please call me and let me prove to you I am the one you want for this job!