Newly Single, New State, New Job, New Friends, Old Friends Lost: My Life 2015.

Man I cant believe I have not written since May. Dang. I am disappointed in myself…but A LOT has been going on.

Jason and I.
My third nephew was born.
My best friend in the entire world died from cancer.
I quit working for Diebold.
I got a job out of state and picked up and moved to Indiana.
New apartment disaster.
Wake-boarding on a river?
The Ohio State University versus Indiana University football game.

I promise the relationship stuff won’t be long. (At least I’ll try to keep it short…)
Jason and I had a really good run at our relationship as official boyfriend and girlfriend, which is pretty easy to do when you live 5 hours apart (seriously easier when you’re not in each other’s faces everyday.) But then my lease was coming to an end in Ohio, I hated my job and wasn’t making enough money to pay all my student loans and rent without a roommate, so I popped the question; “What do you think about us possibly living together?” Two days later he broke up with me. (Okay well not exactly. Two days later he tried to break up with me but couldn’t come up with a valid reason so he didn’t officially break up with me until 2 weeks later.) And that was the first time I have been the dumped. I was devastated. Truly. I couldn’t understand why and, quite frankly, neither could he (which I think was why I had such a hard time getting over it.) We didn’t fight, we didn’t stop liking each other, we didn’t stop hanging out and visiting each other; eventually we realized that it was just happening too fast for him and had to stop things before it possibly got to us not liking each other. Long story short; Jason has lived alone for 13 months, I have lived alone for 17 years. I have moved 13 times in the past 10 years, he just moved out of his parents’ a year ago. I needed to not focus on any “us” and focus on myself; where am I going to work, where am I going to live, what the fuck is going to happen to fix my life in the next twelve months? Jason needed to experience life, he needs to learn to live alone, learn to be happy with himself, learn to appreciate and participate in the relationships he already has, (still including me here) and grow as a person. After realizing all these things (with the help of my amazing sister, late best friend Annie, and my bff Cynthia) Jason and I have an awesome friendship that cannot ever be mirrored and I am very happy with the results. For now at least haha

Everyone knows how much I hated Canton, Ohio and working for Diebold. It was awful. The company was awful. The distance from my friends and family was awful so I had been looking for a new job in either Columbus, Ohio (my home,) Indianapolis, Indiana (yeah seriously,) and back in Cleveland, Ohio (which was a last resort.) I couldn’t find a roommate anywhere so I needed to get something fast. I had a couple interviews in Indiana and zero anywhere else that paid enough money for a single-income based life. There was one company that I was really interested in and very persistent following-up with after my interview. I got the job. A job in Greenwood, Indiana just south of Indy. Finally. I had been freaking out for about two months over where I was going to live, how was I going to pay my loans, how was I going to survive and I landed a great gig at a great company. Now I just had to figure out how to get there…in 2 weeks! Went down over the weekends to look at a couple apartment complexes and Jason was kind enough to look at a bunch of places in Greenwood for me while I was working and he was in that area and finally decided on a place up north of Indianapolis when I made one last phone call to some random place in Greenwood and they just happen to have someone give their notice while I was on the phone with them so I took it.

Over the past few months I had been dropping my belongings off to random houses of friends all over Ohio since I didn’t know yet where I was going to live and I didn’t want to throw my things out. Thank you Adam, Fran, Justin and Mom! (I still have yet to pick any of my things up but Ill be back in Ohio in a couple weeks to grab some things.) So that left me with the rest of my belongings to either fit in my car and my friends trailer or be thrown in the trash. I felt like a widow that was moving from a three bedroom home to a one bedroom condo. It was sad to throw some things out but I didn’t NEED them so they were gone. (While all this was going on my best friend was dying but I’ll touch on that in another paragraph.) I had taken my 17 years of living in my own home and turned it into a new beginning.

Before I moved I had to make the rounds to say goodbye to everyone in Ohio because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go back for a while. I went to spend time with my friend Annie, who was sick, every chance I got. So, on Thursdays I would spend the day with her and when I left her I would stop and see my mom and then fit Fran and the boys and Cora in when I could on my way back to Canton before packing more shit up. One of the trips I decided to stop and see Grandma Radis. My older brother and I had not talked much since Christmas. He had just had his second child, James, and when I was going to grandma’s so was he so I got to meet my new nephew and spend time with grandma. It was very nice and a little weird to be honest. I was avoiding a lot of aunt Deb’s questions and being pretty vague (because I didn’t want anyone to know where I was moving – read some of my older posts and you’ll know why I have this aversion) and Aunt Deb called me out. Before I left grandmas she asked me what was really going on, where was I really going. I told her, kinda, vaguely.

The only doubt I had about moving to Indiana was leaving Annie. Annie is my best friend. We had become very close these past few years when everyone else was off getting married and having babies and becoming “better than us.” All we had left from our group of friends growing up was each other. Annie had cancer first about 8 years ago. She had to go through chemo and was left with a painful differentiation in her right hip. After being officially “cancer free” for a couple years it came back. After what I’m sure was a rough decision she had decided to go down to Columbus, Ohio to the medical center at The Ohio State University for a riskier procedure to try to get rid of the mass while trying to keep her leg, or at least keep enough of it for a prosthetic. There were a lot of complications and a long months recovery. The procedure did not work, she had a full leg amputation but they got the cancer out, so we thought. I think it was only 5 weeks (probably not even that long) after having her leg amputated that they found masses in BOTH of her lungs and we knew what was going to come. Annie and I had talked a lot about what we would do, what we would want if the roles were reversed, how we would want the people in our lives to be with us and all the things you talk about when you’re dying. We has each others backs. I knew exactly her point of view. I saw what she went through the first and the second time. I knew she was going to turn down any chemo and any more surgeries. We were going to lose her. I spent every day off that I could going to spend time with her. The last time I saw her was the day before I moved and she passed away 5 days after I moved to Indiana but not before marrying the love of her life. Annie, I love you. I miss you. I still text you. I still email you. I don’t think I’ll ever realize you are not here.

That was a bad transitional paragraph but I couldn’t fit it in anywhere else. So I moved into this apartment without seeing it first. Lots of people do that all the time. Well this time it was not good. I am not sure what I can and cannot say at this point about Edward Rose Realty because of a settlement agreement I just signed but I can tell you they have the worst property managers in the entire country. I have lived everywhere and no company has been this ridiculous and non-communicative. Edward Rose Properties are HORRIBLE.

Okay so I’m in Indiana. I’m getting all my crap moved into my apartment (well the parts of the apartment that are livable.) I’m trying to get this knocked out in three days because I start work on Wednesday August 19. Did what I could with what I had. Now my apartment is fully functioning and I only have two boxes left to get from Jason’s apartment ha.

I am going to be honest here. I have always thought the state of Indiana is worthless. Completely worthless. No water, no hills, no mountains, smallest “big city” ever, no snow, and not a single apartment complex with a garage. I am sorry Indiana, you are in fact pretty awesome. I am pretty sure that my opinion has only changed because of the people though. People here are so nice. Like in northeast Ohio, no one gives a crap about you or where you’re from or anything about you unless they already know you. Really. Walk up to a stranger in Cleveland and ask them what time it is they will punch you and run because they probably think you’re trying to mug them for their watch. Ask a stranger in Indiana what time it is and you’ll end up going wake-boarding on the White River on their speed boat tomorrow!
My first month here I went to the Indiana State Fair, the zoo, biked the Monon Trail, gotten to know craft beer, seen the arts district, been on a boat on the river every week (less the past two weeks) and gone to the OSU vs IU football game.

Everyone I work with is nice. Everyone I meet is nice. Everyone is down to do whatever whenever. I am not used to people being so nice to people. I like it. I feel it. I think it is rubbing off on me (which you all know can only be a good thing.)

Work. I love the industry I am in. I work in aerospace. We manufacture parts for airplane engines. Big ones. All the guys that work in the shop are very good at their jobs and just really chill, cool people. There is very little drama in my plant and everyone seems to be pretty happy all the time. I am getting used to the job and still learning the small details but I’m really enjoying the work that I do and very glad I made the move. It is hard to be away from my nieces and nephews but hopefully my sister will get it together and figure out how to use the Walgreens app soon and have some pictures sent to me 🙂

I moved to Indiana August 15th, 2015. I will be in Ohio for 36-48 hours in 2 weeks and that is it for Ohio until 2016 because I leave for for New York City for my 3rd annual New Year’s Eve Family Tradition to spend the week with my older sister and the rest of the family I have through her which is always the highlight of my year. By the way sis, there is a bowl game on NYE this year so we might need to get a second TV for me!

Peace out!


It’s Been a Long Time: Update on New Life

Okay I know it has been FOREVER since I’ve posted. I am letting you know I will post something soon. I will update you all on my decision to leave Diebold, my decision to MOVE TO INDIANA, my best friend dying, my friends helping me move, all the amazing people I have met recently, and all the great things and sad things that have happened in the past few months.
Talk at ya soon!

How Do You Know?

Someone recently asked “How do you know if you’re in love?”
Good question.
Too bad there is not just one answer…

Personally I have many different types of love and different ways to know tell if I am IN love! Not a single person has only one type of love. You love your family different than you love your friends. You love your husband different than you love your children. You can love your partner without being in love with them.

Some people it is love at first sight. Somehow they just know. Maybe they knew the person for a while before they met and when they met they knew they were the one. Maybe They saw each other across the room/field/train/plane/anything and saw this sparkle in each others eyes and the feeling was mutual, instant, head-over-heels in love.

Some people date and grow to love one another. There are no butterflies. You talk and spend time together and get to know each other. One day you think to yourself “This person doesn’t make me tick like the others do.” There is just getting to know who the other is and realizing that you can spend the rest of your life with them because they are the one.

Some people to the getting to know each other part THEN get butterflies because they realize “Holy crap. I love this person I have been talking to and spending all my time with. I’m in love!”

Some people base their feelings of love off of logic. They see that they let/allow/enjoy this person doing things for them/to them/with them that they would enjoy it if it were someone else doing those things. So if you enjoy that one person and not any of the other people in your life doing something you may be in love.

Some people are so confused when it comes to love they never find it.

Some people almost break up with each other then realize they love one another because that break up was too hard.

Some people realize they love someone when they think “I care too much about them…I must love them.”

Some people think too much about consequences of love and all the “what if’s” that they would never let themselves love someone else.

Some people are loved just because they have to be loved, like children.

Children are loved by many for many different reasons. Moms love their children out of instinct. Some parents love their children not out of instinct but because they love the person the child came from.

Some people love children because they love watching some other human life grow and how it acts and that you can teach this living, breathing thing that you are important to it.

Some people love children because they look at them like their own personal experiment.

Some people even love people that they do not like! For instance children and parents. You may not like your children or what they do but you love them with all your heart.

What do you guys think about this never-ending topic? Do you think you have to have butterflies to know you’re are in love or can you make being in love a matter of logic? Or will you just never know love?

Clifty Falls Madison, IN Camping Trip 2015

May 6 2015 – May 10 2015

I was asked by Jason to go camping with his family and their friends over Mother’s Day weekend in Indiana. His family goes on camping trips twice a year. Once in Spring and once in Fall. He also had a wedding invite the following weekend. When I asked him which one he would prefer me to come down for (because I only have so many vacation days) he wanted me to come down for the camping trip. So it was.

Since I have Thursday and Friday off each week I decided to go down to his place on Wednesday so we had some time together before going camping. I was going to get into Indianapolis around 11 at night. I had posted something on Facebook about the smells I was coming in contact with driving through the states and one of the technicians that works out there saw my post and he was going to be getting done with work around the same time I was getting in so invited me out to meet up for a drink. So of course Jason and I met up with him. Harry is this cool dude from Australia who used to be a police officer there for thirteen years before coming to the states to work on ATM’s and play a lot of golf. It was nice to visit with him. That dude has a lot of good stories!

Thursday Jason and I spent the day getting all the loose ends wrapped up for the camping trip. We had some food to buy and some other junk and planned to see the new Avengers movie. We get to the right theater on the second attempt and this movie theater in Castleton, Indiana was awesome! There were not just a few rows that had reclining theater seats but EVERY seat in the theater reclined! Now seeing people walking in with pillows and blankets makes sense. That movie was pretty good; as good as expected. I don’t know what all the nonsense feminism media was all about. After the movie we picked up some Qudoba and went back to Jason’s to finish folding laundry to get him all packed for the trip. (Of course he packed last minute, he is a man.)

Now some of you know I am not a big camper and I really really dislike bonfires (like my least favorite thing ever. If there was a national ban on bonfires I would be cool with that.) Usually when I go camping we have RV’s and a lot of dirt bikes and 4-wheeler’s. I like that type of rowdy camping. This was family camping and I was unsure of what was to go on and how they would handle me. I was told there was going to be bicycling and some sort of shrimp boil dinner thing…Well guess what people. This girl had a blast!

Jason’s brother Paul and his family were supposed to go down on Thursday with the parents but Poor Bronson, Jason’s three-year-old nephew, had gotten a fever Thursday and they waited until his fever broke to come down Friday just a little behind us. It turned out that poor Bronson did not get much better when in the heat of the outdoors that weekend and they ended up leaving Saturday while Jason and I were on our hike.

Clifty Falls is a park on top of a bunch of limestone with a bunch of shale on top of that just off of the Ohio River in Madison, Indiana. This place is huge; just over 1,500 acres if I remember correctly.

There were not as many people as I thought would be. I was expecting about thirty people in the group. There ended up being about ten or so maybe 16…
The first person I met was an eight-year-old named Baylee. She was on our tail the whole time. Granted we were the ones closest to her age ha! She was a really sweet girl who just wanted to have a good time camping and hang out with “that one guy who always comes alone.” She really was a sweetheart and I enjoyed taking her around with us because, let’s face it, I don’t have kids so I love other people’s children! I have my fun with them and give them back making me the cool person to that child! So after getting camp set up and our cars unloaded I told Jason we should go check out part of the trail that we were going to hike tomorrow to get a feel for what we were in store for on our hike. Baylee asked if she could come and I told her of course she could if she got permission…which she did. It was pretty neat. We walked down to the beginning of the path and saw the big cliff. On the path we saw a few spots people went off trail and down to the river (keeping notes for spots to do the same tomorrow.) Walking single file (for the most part) keeipng Jason in front because he likes to step on peoples feet and Baylee in the middle so I could make sure she didn’t fall (or if she did I was at least there to grab her) and we ended up at a tunnel cave. Baylee was very curious about this tunnel. There was a sign saying that the tunnels were closed due to white-nose syndrome causing devastation to bast in the northeast so we only peeked in a little bit. When in the cave you could see little drops of water forming on the limestone above us. It was so cool. Me being the smarty-pants I am took every opportunity to fill this child’s mind with all my knowledge and told her all about natural water filtering and purification. We literally were sucking on the cave ceiling to taste this water and it was yummy! There was a point during the walk we were getting a little nervous as to how long the trail was or where it would even lead so we started to think about turning back around. There was a point where there was an arrow to the left, an arrow to the right, and some path straight down. We looked at the map and had no clue what point we were at (because none of knew yet that the cave was actually the “tunnel” on the map.) Knowing that we were going to end up turning around and heading back to camp because of the time I had asked Jason if he could take three minutes and go down that path to see if he could tell if that was the twisted path down to the river. Three minutes Jason so hurry back. …five minutes, me and Baylee “Jason!” “Jaaaysoooon.” He isn’t saying anything. I’m getting worried. He was running down the cliff, maybe he fell…eight minutes…”Baylee hold my hand we have to go down that path to see if he fell or something.” Jason got a little slap on the hand and was politely reminded that if you leave a woman and child for longer than you were supposed to be gone for they start to worry…especially if you’re running down a freaking cliff in the middle of the woods! On the way back we were spotting Cardinals everywhere. They were in full effect bright red. Baylee mentioned she saw a wild turkey there earlier too. I think Jason and I were the only people that did not see a turkey lol because everyone at camp was talking about how huge they were. We got back to camp and Paul was cooking up some camp food for dinner and we ate. Brats, wings, Mrs Wigger’s famous potato salad, everything was delicious. Don and Amy, Paul’s friends, showed up during the time we went on the trail and were all set up when we were eating dinner. After dinner the kids (meaning us in our thirties) sat around the fire having some drinks and talking about nothing and everything. All was good.

We woke on Saturday, scarfed down some breakfast, and got ready for our hike. Jason filled the camelpak up with fresh water and I loaded my pack up with a couple extra bottles of water and some snacks and the cameras and the life saving MP3 player. On our hike we visited the “tunnel” first. Since we had more time without the child with us we explored the inside of the cave and we found a waterfall! It was so cool. We thought drop of water off the roof of the cave were good we got a waterfall of cave water! After the stop at the cave we went off the path and slid down the hundred foot cliff to the creek to make out hike up to Clifty Falls. Imagine sitting down on the ground in the leaves, dirt, bark, twigs, and whatever else is found on the forest floor and sliding on your hands and feet. It was so much fun! Then the real trek began. We had to travel about two miles walking through the creek, climbing over boulders, and walking through the woods to get to another spot to climb up to see the falls. It was hot as heck and we had a blast. Although the falls we intended to see were pitiful, it was still a great time. We were smart and made a lot of stops to sip some water up and we drank about a gallon of water between the two of us to keep hydrated and the only injuries were me getting a huge bruise on my leg from slipping on a boulder and Jason getting a little bit of heat rash on his back likely from wearing the backpack and just sweating. It was a 5 hour hike and we loved it. I don’t think too many people would have been able to make that hike without getting pissed off or screaming at each other to slow down or whatever but we talked before the hike about not having to say “please” and “thanks you’s” while hiking and just going plus having music playing the whole time made things a lot more peaceful. I never go anywhere without music. Since there was only one way in we had to hike the same way back which kinda sucked because we just did that lol.

We got back to camp just in time for the shrimp boil! We rushed to shower and get cleaned up before the big dinner. We heard the yells “shrimp” and “sausage” coming from the camp letting everyone know when to drop the food in. At each of the three sites they had big boiling pots filled with potatoes, shrimp, corn, and sausage all cooking for the big group dinner. The food was really good. It was nice to have a dinner where everyone in the group sat together and had a meal.

After dinner we hung around the campfire and some people played cards, others smoked cigars, and then we all listened to Mr. Wigger’s Golden Goblet story. This was a very nice group. I don’t remember the exact details of everyone’s relationships but a lot of the older adults had been friends for a very long time and some have been doing this camping trip for thirty years! That is a tradition if I have ever seen one. It is awesome to see that people can stay friends so long and still get together growing with their families and the tradition continuing along.

Sunday was time to pack up and head home. Jason and I were the last to leave (I think) and we went into Madison to have lunch before the drive home. I forget the name of the restaurant we went to but it was a little pizza joint in Madison, IN and was pretty good. As always it was sad to leave but I had to go home.

Since I drove from Indianapolis separately I got to drive along the Ohio River in Kentucky for about an hour. It was a beautiful drive on a gorgeous day.

I had a very good time and I can’t wait to go camping again with more time to spend next time! Who knew I would like good old fashioned camping!?!

BookInABox Video Job Application

I had recently heard of this job for It sounded really cool and I was very excited to hear that it was open to people anywhere. Like I would be able to work from home or wherever I am. It pretty much sounds like an amazing sales job for a new company. The only catch was I had to make a 2 minute video to send as my “application.” Do you know how hard it is to shorten everything you want to say about how you would be the best choice for a job in under 2 minutes? I mean my last job interview was 3 hours long! )here is a link to the job description

I had only one hour of time I could put into this task due to my 6-day-a-week work schedule and all the errands on my only day off (and some other things I cannot mention.) Every one of my fifteen attempts to make the perfect video (using my phone because the lighting in my apartment was not compatible with my laptop) was not perfect. The first few tries were way longer than 2 minutes. Closer to 3 minutes. The last couple tries I either forgot one of the key points I wanted to get in or because of the delay starting the video did not pick up my full name. I had a lot of 20 second clips that ended abruptly because I said something wrong, which was really frustrating.

Either way, it came down to 2 videos; one had the key point of organization and the second was better but my name was totally not there and I did not show my organization prop. After sending both videos to my friends (the two of them) I decided to go with the former. Cross your fingers people. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me (that being said I wish I had more free time to perfect a 2 min video…work life totally is not good right now) working for people I like and being able to let my input be heard and not hushed.

Side-note: I would write everything I wanted to say in the video here but then I would have to make this a private post. Since I do not know the emails of anyone at bookinabox to add them to the list of viewers I had to make this public. In case any of you four working at visit please check out these posts; from May 2014
and from January 2015
and from December 2014 (I’d love to have you read some older posts but those are my favorite current posts.)

Tucker Max, if you are reading this please call me and let me prove to you I am the one you want for this job!


J comes to Ohio

Luckily for us the training classes for my boyfriend’s work are right next to my place (boyfriend lives 5 hours away) and he had training in March this year.

This time I did not have to play tour guide since he was in class and I was working. His class did not start until Tuesday March 10th but he decided to come in on the Saturday before so we would have more time together. It is really nice to have finally found someone who actually cares enough to even think about coming to visit me earlier than he has to. It is also very nice to finally have someone in my life of the opposite sex that is not a big DB 🙂

Of course we had a few things we wanted to do while he was here like make these bacon-scallion biscuits from scratch and go see the movie Unfinished Business. I am not going to be able to write this post in the timeline fashion I tend to write with because I did not write down days and it has been a while so I have forgotten the specifics of the visit. Sorry babe.
Jason really wanted to be the one to cook the biscuits so we went to the store and got all the ingredients and I left him alone in the kitchen and did not help at all. Well, I went into the kitchen before he cut them and I shaped the properly lol. His biscuits turned out great! I even sent a picture of them to his mom! Aww.

Unfinished Business was a pretty funny movie and I still stand but the argument that I would not enjoy a PR-13 rated movie as much as I would a rated R movie! I cannot help that I enjoy vulgar comedy.
So we made biscuits, went to a movie, and since he was here for work we went out to dinner a bunch since the company allowed him $$ for his meals and I know the spots to go where two can eat.
The Friday night he was here I thought about how we haven’t gone out around the Canton area. Each time he has come out this way I always take up to Cleveland which is like an hour away. I decided we would go bowling on Friday night. I won. Both games. It was fun. Fun for both of us.

He was here Saturday night through Saturday morning and it was the nicest week of my life (excluding oversea vacations.)

I really really enjoy almost every second I spend with him. It is different with this one. We don’t fight, we are chill, we seem to be care free, we enjoy the same things, and when we don’t it doesn’t matter because we do it or will try it or just do our own thing. We have changed each other. I have become a little more relaxed in life and not so uptight about planning things out and just going with the flow (um I even agreed to go camping with his family for a weekend in May;scary) and J has gained a broader sense of other people in the world and has opened himself up to new things too. Yeah yeah this post is cheesy but this is my blog so I don’t care. For once I am happy, with a person nonetheless, and I don’t care. Gushy gushy barf!

Peace out!

Valentine’s 2015

Normally I don’t do Valentine’s Day; I’ve never had a reason to due to a string of loser boyfriends, being perpetually single, and being a person who thinks Hallmark holidays are pretty dumb in general. However, this year I had reasons to celebrate. I have a boyfriend I like a lot who is not a DB, he is nice, sweet, spontaneous, cool with whatever, and did I say I like him? So I wanted to do something.
Jason had asked me if I could come out the weekend of February 7th for one of his good friend’s get together so since I was going to be out that weekend we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day that weekend I was there (makes sense.)
I am going to make this brief and not get into any of the little details but we had a great time. Once he remembered we were celebrating Valentine’s Day he managed to come up with some great ideas of stuff for us to do. We went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, got some amazing burgers at this place called BRU Burgers, had some crazy liquid nitrogen made frozen custard, and had dinner at Peterson’s (fancy schmancy ala carte place.)
For presents he got something very thoughtful for me. Back last time I visited I noticed his nephew had this crazy cool minion I had been trying to find up here in Cleveland. I could not find this particular one anywhere so I gave up looking. Jason was aware of this when I got back from visiting his brother’s house and told him how jealous of his nephew I was for having MY minion! lol Anyway Jason came out with a “Collector’s Edition Minion” with a certification of authenticity and everything. This thing talks back to you, it moves all its body parts, you just talk to the thing and it gets all crazy and sings or dances for you! It is a minion that listens! Holy awesome!
I got him a ring with his initials engraved in it because he wears rings, I’ve never gotten anyone a special ring, and he has never been given a special ring.
All-in-all the holiday went well. The best V-Day I’ve had.
Thank you JW.

Peace out.

Wigger Comes to Cleveland…Again. Hookas and Glam Rock.

When Jason was in town in December 2014 we were in Cleveland and I noticed that Mickey Avalon, one of my favorite trashy glam rock artists, was going to be playing in January at the small trashy Grog Shop in Coventry, Ohio. I made Jason take vacation time to come up and go with me. It was not that easy to convince him to do so but I guess he must like me!

Wednesday, January 14 2015
Since I knew he was going to be hungry because he was coming straight from work and it’s a long drive I remembered a conversation we had previously that he had never had nor ever heard of a pierogi; the delicious potato filled Polish dish, so I had decided to make some for when he arrived. I have to say they were delicious (in fact the best I have made yet.) I had caramelized those onions for like an hour! YUM! Jason got to my place around 10:30 had dinner, finished watching Dolphin Tale with me and I think we just crashed.

Thursday, January 15 2015
We woke up and talked about what to do for the day and decided to go to the mall and walk around since I’ve lived here and have yet been to the mall that is just a quarter mile from my place, go to the non-ghetto vapor shop by my work that a co-worker told me about, and then visit where I work so he can see where the people on the other side of the phone/computer live and meet all the navigators.
We had lunch at the mall after walking around and not really being impressed. I like the fact we can split a meal. It is cheaper, we both had enough food, and we could both agree on what to eat even though you can’t really go wrong with bourbon chicken and orange chicken combination plate…I let him have the noodles. Everyone always wants noodles and Carolyn never gets rice. Ha. Such is life right?
After the mall we went to Kings of Vapor on South Arlington Road in either Akron or Canton, I still don’t know what city I work in. It was a lot nicer than the first place we went to in the ghetto part of Canton in December. They have a bar you sit at and try the different flavors, they have nice new products, and when you order a flavor vapor juice they make it right there in front of you! The other week I had bought this Fogger 4.2 cartomizer. When it came in the mail it came with a screwdriver, 32 gauge wire, rope, and some gaskets…I was “No way am I going to use this, too complicated for me.” So we talked to one of the guys that worked there about wanting to get rid of it. He said he would buy it but we would have to come back Saturday to do the exchange. That day I ended up leaving with a new favorite flavor, caramel latte, a little bottle of blueberry stuff, and a new vapor machine.
Off to work on my day off! So we went to Big Green where all the navigators are located. Jason is a technician and the navigators schedule calls to techs according to workzones, priorities, and all that jazz. We get to the workplace and bring him down the isles to meet everyone. it was a weird day at the office so people were a little out of sorts but everyone had a nice time talking to Jason and he liked seeing where we work and meeting everyone as well. I was actually surprised that one of my teammates actually got up out of his chair to talk to Jason. This dude barely talks to anyone at work so it was nice to see him get up and be friendly (not that he isn’t normally friendly per se he just doesn’t talk much; more of a keep quiet and work type of dude.)
Leaving work we stopped at the grocery store for some ingredients for a dinner Jason was going to cook for me on Saturday and I introduced him to the wonders of Giant Eagle Market District Liquor create your own 6-pack!
After that we were getting a little hungry and it was perfect timing because Bravo! Italian Restaurant happy hour started just then! So last time I took Jason there I had him try the beef carpaccio, (the guy who never eats meat unless it is well done,) without telling him what it was and he loved it so I thought it was cute when he asked if we could get that again. [For your reference it is very fine sliced RAW beef with whatever sort of sauce drizzled you choose.] I am not sure what we did after dinner. We probably went home and watched some tv or something. I cannot recall. Probably that because I remember cleaning up some and him having a few of the different beers he got from the grocery store…

Friday, January 16 2015
We didn’t really have any plans for that day, other than going to visit my friend Annie, so when we woke up I made a quick breakfast of bacon, french toast, and fried some eggs with the bacon grease (another thing Jason claims to have never had,) then got cleaned up and made our way out to Painesville, OH to see my BFF. It was a nice little visit. I have not been out to Annie’s in a long time. We usually meet in the middle or she comes to my place so it was nice for me to have the time to get to go to her plus I really wanted her to meet Jason for approval. We were there a couple hours until we had to head out to get to Coventry to have dinner before the show. Every time I go to Coventry (or in that general area) I have to go to BD’s Mongolian Barbecue. I love that place. We checked out the Grog Shop before dinner to see what time the show was supposed to go on and the guy said doors were opening at 9:30 so likely Mickey Avalon was to go on around 10:30. Dinner was not the best for me. I like to get the same thing every single time I go, which is sirloin, and each time I went up there the meat was more brown than red…my dumbass got it anyway the first time and each time I got my bowl filled they put fresh sirloin down. I was not happy seeing that! We took our time because we had a lot of it to kill, ordered dessert, and got done there about 8:30? We walked back to the Grog Shop to check in again, the guy then said now the opening acts weren’t going on until about 10:30 so more likely 11:30 Mickey would go on. What do to… Oh I know! I took Jason to La Cave Du Vine (a.k.a. The Cave) for a after dinner dessert Lambic. Lu Cave Du Vine is a sweet little wine/beer bar in the basement under Coventry Street. It is nice and dark and candle lit. You go in and they have sliding glass refrigerators you choose your beer from or the wall you get your wine from and you sit at a table then someone comes over to see what you chose and brings you the appropriate glass for it and opens it for you. Your own private wine guy. So that took about fifteen minutes ha ha. Jason had mentioned he had never been to a Hookah Bar before so there was one there I took him to called City and East. We decided on a blueberry and a pomegranate tin and we each got one of the two different bottles of blueberry beer they had appropriately brewed in Ohio. That was a fun experience. I took a bunch of pictures of Jason so he could play with and posted them to Facebook. We enjoyed our beer and he had a good time. Hookah’s are not that fun if you ask me. An hour straight smoking water filtered tobacco just isn’t really something I am into but I’m glad we went because he hadn’t before and he liked it so no skin off my back. I like doing things like that; showing people new stuff.
After that back to Grog Shop because is was 10:45 so show on soon. WRONG. Door guy tells us that the first opening band just started so looks like Mickey Avalon wasn’t going to go on until 12:30. Jason and I looked at each other and knew what we were thinking. We are old. Let’s just go home and watch a movie. Not going to some lame ass glam rock band to not get home until 3am. They money was spent so I won’t miss it. We went home and watched American Sniper which was probably way better than Mickey Avalon would have been. BTW American Sniper was really good. Bradley Cooper did an awesome job getting ready to play that guy and really looked exactly like him. I like Mr. Cooper more and more each time I see him!

Saturday, January 17 2015
Tobogganing anyone?! Um yeah we went tobogganing! It was like an hour and half wait to get to the top but luckily I am fun and downloaded Catchphrase on my phone so we played Catchphrase with some random kids we were standing in line with to make the time go by faster. We got in line to go our second round but again, the look in our eyes said “We’re old. It’s a long drive home. Let’s just go home. At least we can say we did it.” So we went home and Jason attempted to make veal scallopini while I was getting cleaned up. Luckily I came out in time to show him how to do it and make the mashed potatoes 🙂 I think he used a table spoon of lemon juice instead of a teaspoon but once we wiped most of the sauce off it was a delicious meal made by a happy couple ha ha. Trial and error right. Or maybe his sister-in-law needs to clarify her “T’s” and “t’s” when writing recipes! After dinner we watched Archer and Sunny in Philadelphia and crashed out early because this little lady had to get to work in the morning.
It was a very nice end to a very nice visit.

Hope you enjoy!

Going to Indy to Meet the Family

After my vacation to New York City to visit my family I decided to go to Indianapolis for a much needed respite. I was going to visit my boyfriend. Originally I was only going to be there for a few hours but luckily I was able to find a coworker to switch shifts with me so I could be there two nights instead of 16 hours. While talking about how I was able to stay in town longer I brought up possibly meeting Jason’s parents since they are such a big part of his life and I wanted to get to meet them. It all worked out very well.

I got to Indy around 9:45 Thursday night. Very tired from waking up for work at 0500 then driving straight five straight hours we watched our favorite show and hit the hay. While Jason went to work Friday he suggested I go meet and hang out with his sister-in-law Erin, his nephew Bronson, and hopefully his brother Paul. Erin was out running errands for Bronson’s birthday party that was going to be on Saturday so it allowed me time to go meet one of the technicians that works for the company we do at a bank and see how things work. It was really quite interesting. I actually learned a lot. Being a navigator I see the texts of calls and what the “problems” with ATM’s are but I do not know what exactly the parts of the ATM’s are. Watching him work allowed me to have a better understanding of the working of the inside of an ATM and what our technicians do. That and the fact I got a bottle of his homemade wine was pretty exciting! So I made it to Erin and Bronson around 2:45. It was a lot of fun. Erin was preparing for Bronson’s birthday party and Bronson was having lunch when I got there. We talked for a bit while walking around the house with Bronson giving me a tour before Erin tried to put him down for a nap. While Bronson was upstairs “sleeping” Erin and I continued to chat and look at all the cool stuff around their house. This girl finds the coolest stuff. You remember when we were kids and used to find cicada shells on trees and pull them off and freak people out? Well she found one that had the cicada still coming out of it (not alive currently of course.) I was very impressed with all the little things around their home. It was very cool. I think we both had a lot of fun sharing stories and getting to know each other. It was close to quitting time for Jason so I called him to find out when he would be home so I knew when to head back; turns out he was running a little behind and had one last call to go to so I was able to stick around a little longer to meet Paul who would be home soon. Paul is pretty cool too. It was non-stop talking and story telling with them. It was great. I was very happy to have met them.  I left around 5:45 to head back to the apartment to get ready for dinner to “Meet the parents…and the dog…and grandma.”

So Jason had a rough last call of the day. He was home an hour late and we were almost two hours late to dinner. Yikes. We made it though. We got to the house with a big hyper greeting from Bogey (the boxer.) His dad was at the door to take our coats and mom coming in from the kitchen with grandma sitting patiently waiting for us. It was a very warm welcome and an excellent dinner (even if Mrs. W had to re-heat it twice because we were so late.) I even had seconds of dinner and dessert! His parents are so nice. You really do not find people like that any more. (Kinda like mom and Doc Lyle…Josh that one’s for you.) I learned his dad was on the National Championship Bowling Team back in the day and his mom is an amazing quilter and likes to take a lot of pictures no matter how awkward or uncomfortable it makes you feel 🙂 It was very nice to meet a family so close and together with one another. I cant wait to see them again.

Saturday was the day for me to leave but before I left Jason wanted to take me to The Ale Emporium to get some fancy wings he had just heard had a new flavor. Lucky for him Ohio State was playing Indiana in basketball so I had no problem going to get some wings at a bar! While we were at the bar eating wings it hit me…Jefferson’s Ocean had just came out and I needed to find some! I called 3 liquor stores near my house in Canton, Ohio and none of them were getting any. I asked Jason if there were any liquor stores he knew of and the first one we called had some bottles left at only $99.99 a piece. JACKPOT! After lunch we went to the store to get me some fancy bourbon that only comes out every 5-8 years and while we were there I was sold a bottle of their very small batch barrel no. 46.

Thank you Indiana for producing a lot of bourbon and whiskey drinkers for me to be able to get my fancy stuff!

Back to Ohio I go!

When I got home and Jason was home from the birthday party for his nephew I had asked what his family had thought of me. Mom and dad said they liked me (good.) Erin said I was “feisty” (which I didn’t like) and Paul said I was “spunky” (another adjective I am not fond of.) To them those are all good ways to describe a lively energetic person. I guess I will be getting them thesauruses for the holidays! (Calm down I am joking…kind of!)

But really, I am glad I spent my time there getting to meet his family. Can’t wait for Jason to visit here next week!! (I’m making him go to see Mickey Avalon at The Grog Shop with me hahaha!)

Later people! GO BUCKS!!!


2nd annual NYE in NYC!

So last year I had so much fun in NYC on NYE I decided to make a new family tradition of going there every year. This is the 2nd annual trip for New Year’s Eve 2014…

Tuesday December 30th

I departed for my 2nd annual NYE in NYC trip to stay with my sister and Niece in the city. All was well. The plane took off on time and landed early. When I posted that I had landed my sister left work early to meet me at the Port Authority Bus Station with my niece Harmony to walk back home with me. I wanted to be the cool I-know-what-im-doing-in-nyc person but she insisted on meeting me there. She must have been really excited to see me. It was a lovely walk to the apartment. This year it was not just my sister and niece and Max but we had two more come out. My sister’s niece, Victoria (Tori) and her friend Christa. Both beautiful smart young ladies from Florida. 5 adults and 1 child (who acts like an adult) in a two bedroom apartment in New York City = AWESOME TIME! My sister gave me some presents; a freaking sweet ass COACH ID badge holder for work, some very warm fleece lined pants, a pair of pajama pants with pockets and she got us matching funky monkey pajamas!

Okay so we got to the apartment and introduced everyone and my sister and I had some work to finish up so she did that while I spent a lot of time trying to get my work laptop hooked up which resulted in my having to call the helpdesk and getting a temporary 24 hour vpn address.

After working for a bit I think we took a nap because the girls had gone out and all were tired plus I had planned on meeting someone I used to be friends with about 6 years ago later that night.

2000 dinner at mercury bar with the old friend. I thought it was going to be weird seeing as how I have not spoken or text this person in 6 years until she randomly asked if we could meet up, but it was not. We kinda picked up where we left off. We talked about our jobs, our love life’s, our old friends and a bunch of nonsense in-between. We were sitting next to two dudes from Brasil, one a doctor in Brasil and one a college student in Boston from Brasil. That was interesting. They wanted to know where they could go to listen to club type music and there was nowhere close to where they were staying or where we were. Told them to go to Brooklyn ha.

Walked back to the apartment to get a good nights sleep for the big/early day…

Wednesday December 31 2014! NYE IN NYC

Woke up and got the girls ready to go out. My sister Karen works for Ernst and Young in New York. Her building is literally across the street from the ball that we all see drop on TV so we walked up there to go up to the 22nd floor to see the pretty lit up ball. I made the mistake of taking Broadway to cross over to the street she works on and we were smashed like latkes in with all the people trying to get across. It was horrible. It took half an hour to get across the street. I felt like an idiot and was slightly upset with my niece who didn’t tell me we were going the wrong way to her mothers’ work but kept my cool and got us all there safely. When we got there the sight was unbelievable! The ball was right next to our heads! All the girls were so excited (I was a little bit too) and we all had their hones out taking a million pictures of the thing. “Oh its pink now!” “Look it’s blue and green now!!” “Now its just green!” “Look, look its white and blue!” The damn thing changes colors every sixty seconds when it is not show-time and blaring white!

So we did that then I wanted to go to Dylan’s Candy Bar but the girls had a train to catch that prevented them from being able to make the trek with me so I spend the rest of the day walking in NYC for roughly 5 hours and about 8 miles. Luckily they didn’t come with me because I didn’t even make it there! I got so very, very sidetracked!

Since the candy place was on 60th and 3rd I decided to walk up to 5th avenue and over to Rockefeller Center so I could see the tree then up and over to the candy store. That backfired…I ended up running into this amazing little market place called Bryant Park. About a hundred little shops with people selling all kinds of stuff. I spend an hour there and probably a hundred bucks! Okay time to go see the tree then off to the candy store. Wait, there is a sale at H&M…forty minutes and $40.00 later, off to see the tree. Wait, there is a sale at Urban Outfitters. An hour and $130 later…now it is time to see the tree! Okay I finally made it to Rockefeller Center, got some pictures with my face in front of the big Christmas tree. Man I’m tires. Only 20 blocks and 2 avenues to go. Another H&M and this one the whole store is 70% off!! An hour and a half and $100 later…of to the candy store! Shit this backpack is heavy. How much further is it? It’s getting dark. I get to the corner of 59th and 5th avenue and see a Lindt’s Chocolate Store. Saved my life. Screw Dylan’s Candy Bar I’ll just go in here and get a bag of chocolate and call it a day and walk home. 3 minutes and $28.00 later I am walking back to the apartment. Phew. What a long day. I walked 8.something miles in those 5ish hours I was out. I was such a long walk back to the apartment I passed the avenue my sister lived off of. I was totally confused to where I was! Finally realized I was like two blocks from her place! Der der der.

So back at the apartment with the family on New Year’s Eve; I’m tired. I can barely move. I politely decline my sister’s invitation to appear at some fancy party and take a nap while her and my niece go out. When they left I woke up and started drinking the bourbon and Skyping with Jason and his family. It was the first time “meeting” his sister-in-law, brother, and Nephew. We had some fun conversation. My sister and niece got back around 10?? Whatever time it was I was about a third into the bottle of bourbon J and watching the party down the street in Times Square on television with Max. It was fun. I really do enjoy sitting around doing nothing on New Year’s Eve and watching all that crap on television! I mean if I didn’t last year I never would have heard of “cat-bearding!” Look it up if you have not either. So yeah, I drank almost half a bottle of bourbon and stayed up until like 3am skyping with Jason and whatever watching tv. It was a good day.

Thursday January 1st, 2015

Sister Day!! Karen had off from work and the girls did not want to go anywhere so we got to go out by ourselves! We were on a mission. My mission to go to China Town and buy purses! It was the shortest amount of time I have ever spent in China Town ever. Got the purses I wanted as soon as we exited the subway. Easy. Now for the walk to my favorite store Yellow Rat Bastard…another place you must go if you have not been there and ever end up in NYC. What should have been a nice short walk a couple blocks to YRB ended up taking like an hour…I saw the Volcom store and was like “Hey sis let’s stop in here real quick I want to check it out.” Yeah real quick my butt! We were in there almost an hour! The whole store was buy one get anything half off plus a bunch of stuff was on sale. After trying on almost every shirt and hoodie they had I ended up with a pair of pants, a bomb-ass hoodie, matching jacket with one my sister bought, and a belt…possibly a t-shirt too I do not remember. All I know is I spent some money there.

Yellow Rat Bastard was a trip. We were there a good half hour maybe even forty-five minutes. Upstairs and downstairs. I left with two t-shirts, a tank, and another shirt for Jason. Dropped another $100!

When we got back home the girls were sleeping on the couch and did not want to go to dinner so my sister and I got to go to dinner alone! Harmony and the girls had been talking about how I have to go to this place called Five Napkin Burger. Last time I was in NYC we tried to go there but the wait was too long. In fact I had tried to go there the first night I was in town with my friend and the wait was long which is how we ended up at Mercury Bar. Either way Five Napkin Burger is amazing! There was a 45 minute wait for a table for two but when we went to the bar to get a ridiculously expensive drink I had asked the bartender “If these people waiting for a table move off the bar we can sit here and order dinner, right?” She said “Yes” and proceeded to tap on the shoulders of the people sitting at the bar making them move so we could sit down and eat. No waiting! Love it like I love blue cheese burgers! My sister and I had a lovely dinner together. Tried some bourbon and ate some burgers and had a nice walk home in the cold.

Back at the house it was time for the OSU vs. Alabama Sugar Bowl game for the ticket to the BCS Championship Game. No one there is into sports let alone The Ohio State but lucky for me Max was up, he has some kids or grandkids that live in Alabama and since he sleeps in the loft had no other choice than to watch the game with me while my sister was in her room Skyping with her girlfriend and trying to sleep because she had to work in the morning. After taking forever to figure out how to get the game on the TV (and multiple times having to “refresh” the connection throughout) it was on. Max and I (mostly I) were screaming at the TV the whole game. My sis came out for the halftime show and thought that was the coolest part of the game. It was beautiful. The first quarter did not look good for Ohio State but we picked our game back up and came down to the wire for the win in the last two minutes of the 4th quarter. GO BUCKS!!! ONTO THE CHAMPIONSHIP AGAINSH OREGON!!! SUCK IT ALAMABA!!!! ROLL TIDE INTO THE GARBAGE!!!

Friday January 2nd, 2015

Me day. Sister is at work, girls left, and Harmony went skating with some of her friends. I had to go to E&Y to get some boxes from my sister to mail some stuff out so on the walk I stopped at the military surplus store and got a duffel bag to check on the flight home since I had bought way too much stuff, I took the fleece lined pants my sister got me to Modell’s to exchange them for a different size and headed to Ernst and Young to see my sister and get some boxes. On my way back to the apartment I stopped at Papaya Dog and got a chili cheese hotdog for lunch. Back at the house I hung out with Sam and Max while I got my stuff somewhat organized to pack and got the box ready to ship all the stuff I got for Jason to Indianapolis. After that, while waiting for my sister to get my niece and come home, I got Max set up on his computer to watch The Interview and I wrote a bit in my journal. Harmony and Karen came home, I was starving. We talked about food. I think Harmony decided she wanted rice and seaweed so that gave me and Karen the opportunity to have another sisters’ dinner! We went to one of her friend’s places Chelsea Grill (I think that was the name) in Hell’s Kitchen. It was a nice little Irish Pub. We enjoyed the food and booze but not the bartender! Walk home stuffed, tired, and ready for bed!

Saturday January 3rd, 2015

Karen went into the office to do something. IDK maybe print out more pictures or something. I walked to the post office with my big ‘ol box to mail to Jason. So the apartment is on 46th and 10th; the post office is on 42nd and 8th. That is only 4 blocks and 2 avenues, not too far. I get there with my big box. Stand in line with the big box. The USPS lady comes out and tells me, with my big box, I am standing in the wrong part of the line. Me and my big box move to the right area; wait five minutes, get called to the window, and the USPS lady just now says “We can’t mail packages here you have to go to the post office on 33rd and 7th.” I’m thinking “are you freaking kidding me? You came out to tell me to move, you had to have seen I was carrying a big box, then you made me wait in line to tell me you can’t mail this thing and I have to walk across town?” Jerks. Okay so ten blocks and another avenue rushing to make it there before the place closes, which sucks. I make it to the corner of 33rd and 7th and I take a picture of this big ass building like whoa what is that? I don’t see the post office flag thing, so I ask a random person on the street if they know…he looks around, says “I don’t know.” Looks around some more and then is like “Oh, it’s right there,” and points to the big ass building I was just admiring. Ugh. So I walk up the million steps and go in it is hot as heck in there! Anyway I get the package out and start walking back to the sisters and try to figure out what to do with the couple of hours I will have left after taking a shower and getting all packed up to take off to my bus to the airport.

I got everything packed and ready to go to the airport and we had about two hours until I had to leave so we decided to go back to Chelsea Grill for brunch! My sister had talked about this amazing prosciutto eggs benedict the other night when we were there and I wanted some! It was sooo good! I will never have eggs benedict the same…unless I am back in NYC for a brunch day! We had just enough time to stop at the jewelry store and I got some rings and a necklace.

Since I had a huge duffel bag, a carry on suitcase, and a rather large backpack my sister walked to the Port Authority with me and helped carry my bags and waited with me for the bus to the airport. It was a sad goodbye but I was happy to be heading home. I missed my daily routine but really loved every second being in New York with my family.

Until next December…

Peace out New York City!

P.S. Do not skimp on a duffel bag. Go get a waterproof one because everything I packed in that thing got soaking wet!