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If you are thinking about moving to Polo Run Apartments in Greenwood, Indiana STOP!!!
I have lived in 13 different apartments in my life in multiple states and this place has been the worst experience of my life.

The only thing I am going to say about the internet (because I have months worth of problems with the service here) is that Xfinity/Comcast BLOCKED THIS LOCATION from being able to receive their services! That is how bad it it. Comcast doesn’t want to serve this place. Polo Run has their own crappy 5Mbps for $50 or you can go with AT&T if you choose.

I know I did not have a lot of time to search for apartments when moving from Ohio to Indiana but I had an idea of where I wanted to live and a price range. Unfortunately I had to commit to an apartment without seeing it.

The day I signed my lease the apartment was no place near move-in standards. There was bird droppings all over my patio, rust all over everything in the bathroom, mold on the walls of the bathroom, basically the only thing done was they replaced the carpet.

After I took pictures and sent printed pictures and a letter of all the issues via certified letter to the corporate office to try to get someone to acknowledge me I had to call them and threaten a suit to get any compensation.

First few weeks living in Polo Run Apartments in Greenwood, Indiana:
When bathtub was replaced they didn’t realize it was larger than the last one and they broke the handmade ceramic bowl I’ve had for over ten years that I had on the counter.
When they replaced the bathtub they DID NOT PUT THE CURTAIN ROD BACK UP!!! THEY DIDN’T PUT THE TOWEL RACK UP EITHER!!! They also didn’t realize that since the tub was bigger that meant the room for the mirror was smaller and I had to wait weeks for a new mirror too!

I came home from work one day to my kitchen being totally covered with water, including inside my cabinets. I guess they were working on the unit above me and forgot to turn off the water when replacing the dishwasher so my shit got flooded and ruined.

My patio was covered with about half an inch of bird shit when I moved in also. They didn’t power wash it though. They PAINTED OVER THE BIRD SHIT!

While the apartment above me was being renovated, they took it upon themselves to throw the garbage from the work out the patio door to the parking lot resulting in much of the debris landing on my patio so I came home daily to junk on my patio that I would have to clean off.

Dude comes to check my internet, I have a Christmas tree up, He decided he didn’t need to move the tree. Since he didn’t move the tree, when he tried to get behind it to my modem he broke a $40.00 ornament.

Light in hallway outside my apartment burnt out. I emailed the office, I called the office, I emailed again requesting it be replaced (it is pitch black out there at night and I do not feel safe fumbling around trying to find the key hole after working for tips at the restaurant.) After the 4th time I talked to someone they finally fixed it.

Months after moving in I continue to have issues. My patio door would not lock. You know, where the handle meets the door frame and you push up to lock or down to open…well that got replaced but the parts didn’t match. They replaced the handle without replacing the latch on the frame leaving there a gap between the parts and it not locking. When I called about my patio door not locking they asked if I still had the bar (one of those ghetto bars you put between the door and frame so you cannot even slide the door open at all.) Yes I did but that doesn’t fly for me. I have pets that I need to let out on the patio and regardless of the pets I don’t want to have to move a fucking bar every time I want to go outside. They told me if I have the bar the door technically locks. I told them they have 24 hours to fix it. Another dude came, he couldn’t figure it out. Turned out the handle and the lock didn’t match. Surprise. He got a new lock. It worked…for a few days. Finally I had a locksmith out too fix it. That worked for a while. Last, just a few days ago, it broke again (I swear I am not violent or heavy-handed with the door, I just open it frequently to let the cat out and the weather might have had something to do with it warping or sliding.)
Dude comes at 630pm right when I was heating up dinner and getting ready to relax before bed. He’s messing around trying to figure it out. I hear him mumbling to himself because he is not getting anywhere on this. I tell him it’s cool if he wants to stop for the day, I’ll put the bar up and he can come back tomorrow morning when I’m gone and he has more time. I can deal with the bar for a night and since it was getting late I know he wanted to go home himself. He asked what time I go to work. I tell him I leave before he even wakes up. He says he will be here first thing. The next day I get home from work NO ONE CAME BACK TO FIX THE DOOR!!!! I call the office like, “Uh, did anyone come back to my apartment? I mean he said he would but I’m pretty sure no one came and I still can’t lock my door…”
They put me on hold and tell me he will be right over….

If you decide to live in Polo Run Apartments in Greenwood, Indiana understand you will have horrible internet service, you will have to call the office multiple times in order to get any work orders in (even completed,) oh yeah my car has been broken into twice, you will have to get used to the smell of cat urine because there are strays all over the property, and the plumbing stinks. Everything gets backed up and slow to drain.

If you can move anywhere else please do. Auburn Place is right across the street, its about the same price and newly renovated. Oakwood Village and Valle Vista and Park Madison too are close. There are a million places to live around here DON’T CHOOSE POLO RUN GREENWOOD INDIANA FOR YOUR HOME!

This post was written in haste on July 26, 2016 before signing any non-disclosure agreement between myself and Edward Rose Properties.

Thank you and have a good night.

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