So this happened…

A couple goes to meet one of their family members and her two kids for dinner.
Only an hour before the meet time the family member asks to push back the time later.
Couple agrees to push back half an hour.
They all arrive in the parking lot at the same time.
Instead of waiting for the couple to get out of their cars the family member gets her kiddos out of the car and walks into the restaurant.
By the time the couple is walking into the restaurant the family member is already ordering food and talking at them as they walk in. Giving them no opportunity to stop and say “Hello, how are you doing?”
They all sit and have dinner and talk about life as usual.

A couple days later the family member, who did not stop in the parking lot to wait for the couple, who did not give the couple any time to settle in the restaurant before starting talking to them, who did not mention anything off at all to either of them, complains about how the female of the couple being so rude to not say hello to her or ask her how she is doing! Um hello? How is anyone supposed to do anything when you give no opportunity to do so? You cannot use that as a complaint when it is your fault.

So that makes sense…

A younger brother, who is a very dominant male, is always chiming in on conversations and giving his two cents and throwing out smart mouthed comments to everyone because he knows best and is quick witted. When he hangs out with his older brother and his brother’s friend it is usually just the three of them and the kids… Younger brother complains about the girl his brother is hanging out with because “she always interrupts conversations with her input.”

Is it really interrupting when there are only 3 people in the room and you are usually standing talking in the room facing both of the other parties??

I get annoyed by a lot of shit but I try not to get annoyed at shit people do IF I DO THE SAME THINGS. That would be hypocritical of me.
If someone walks into my house and I’m playing with the nephews or making food and just start talking to them I certainly do not expect them to wait for a pause to ask me how I am doing. Especially if it is my brother or sister.

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