Los Cabo, Mexico 2016

Yeah I went to Mexico.
My friend from Columbus, Ohio wanted to do an all-inclusive trip. I’m in. I’m always in! After a couple weeks of looking around and a million hours on the phone with travel agents I got us flights to Mexico and booked a 4 night stay at Posada Real in Los Cabo through bookit.com (bookvip.com can eat ecoli.)

I’ve been debating on writing everything I thought about the trip, just copying what I wrote in my journal, or just the highlights…
I decided to mix up highlights and some from journal because I did not have the best of experiences on this trip and I don’t want to piss anyone off.

May 1, 2016.
I got on my plane in Indianapolis, IN to meet Cynthia in Chicago, IL for our flight to Cabo together. It was raining a little when my flight took off. I guess it was raining a little harder when Cynthia’s plane took off because she didn’t make it to Chicago with me. Her pilot couldn’t land the plane in Chicago due to weather and ended up going to Madison, WI to wait to get another couple flights to get to Mexico.
I got through customs just fine and made my way to the hotel. I got the Wi-Fi set up to try to communicate with Cyn and found out she was now in Texas going to Mexico City then coming to Cabo arriving around midnight. I’ve got a whole day in Cabo alone which kinda sucks. Maybe I’ll go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of tequila…
The resort…all-inclusive means they only have Modelo and Modelo Negro beer and 3 low shelf tequilas. Ugh. I also couldn’t go in the ocean because the waves crashing into the beach were horrifying at that time of day. At just 5pm I decided to eat and drink at the outside beach bar and just sleep until Cynthia got there…
I must have wrote that down before actually doing anything because now I see an entry “still May first…” that goes like this:
Around 9:30 I woke up from my nap. I had a bunch of messages from Cynthia asking about the address to the hotel. Why that was needed I do not know because I sent very clear instructions on what to do once off the plane. I guess she wanted to be safer than sorry.
So dinner was fine. Oh, lunch first! Hot dogs cut up and put into beans. And not the good kind of hot dogs, the cheap ones..but it was actually pretty good. I had awesome chicken, rice, beans, and fresh fruit for lunch when I got there. Himica is a fruit (I think) that taste a lot like pears. I ate a lot of that. Then I went to the beach for a bit and sat and watched the waves crashing down before going to the bar for more food…Best steak tacos I’ve ever had. Steak, onion, and peppers rolled in corn tortillas served with pico, refried beans, and fresh guacamole. I ate those things daily.
Dinner (probably around 5pm when I decided to eat and drink and sleep until Cyn got in) was bland flank steak that I didn’t eat, more fruit I didn’t eat all of so I could throw some in the room for Cynthia, more rice (rice here has been awesome,) and a couple glasses of milk all while listening to really loud karaoke, karaoke in Spanish.
After a nap I did go try to walk to a liquor store to find better booze. Unfortunately the directions I was given were not that great. I spent about an hour walking up and down these two main roads outside of the hotel and found nothing which was not really fun because it was pretty hot over there in Mexico lol. When I got back to our room there was water all over the floor. I guess it was dripping out from the air conditioner they have. Awesome stuff. Cynthia is now getting through customs and should be here in about an hour.

May 2, 2016.
Breakfast was awesome. I didn’t write down what it was but it was great. Cyn and I walked to the Mega Store up from the resort. I bought some rum and random stuff and sh got a bottle of Cabo Wabo tequila.
After eating those amazing tacos again we laid in the hot ass sun, got drunk, went in the ocean, made a “sand castle” and laid in the sun some more before going out.
We took a cab to some downtown shopping area. It was really neat. The stores were all local people trying to sell their stuff. The one item no one would bargain with were their wrestling masks! Seriously, I would have gotten a mask had they let me pay what I wanted! I think I just ended up spending money on a bunch of cigars. I love cigars. In fact I bought the best cigar I have ever had there. It is called Guantanamela (not sure about that spelling.) It is still the best I’ve had and I just got back from a trip to NYC where I went to a cigar shop and asked about them and I won’t see one ever again.
Dinner was three plates of buffet food. I went to sleep while Cyn stayed out and partied until the bar closed down.

May 3, 2016.
I got up, had breakfast alone, and then walked up to Mega to shop again. I got some pretty decent stuff.
By the time I got back to the resort Cyn was up and running, I mean drinking! She had made some friends at the resort which was really cool. She was having a good time. I dropped my stuff off in the room and went to the beach bar with her. Oddly enough there were very few non-hispanic people at the resort. Most people were from somewhere else in Mexico. I guess it was off season? There were a group of people from Canada and Danny!
While we were at the bars and on the beach I tried to make conversations with people about where they were from and why here and all that just making friends. I mean what else do you do when you are at an all-inclusive beach resort?!
I took a dip in the ocean while Cyn stayed up on the beach. I had brought my waterproof bag with my phone in it and left it on the sand wall above where the waves broke onto it. A few mins after I got back to Cyn I couldn’t find my phone. Mother trucker I left it on the sand wall! Shit! I ran up and down the beach looking for it. Nope. I dug out through a lot of that sand wall praying it didn’t got sucked into the ocean and maybe just chucked down into a sand break. Nope. I make my way back to Cynthia and was like “Whelp, I lost my phone. I’m not gonna freak but it really effing sucks.” At this perfect moment when I’m silently freaking out this guy walks up to us. His name is Danny and he is from Brooklyn, NY. Ah someone from New York! I’m happy now. Cynthia found my bag with my phone in it under a chair! Double happy! We spent some time drinking and talking with Danny for a while. Danny is a really cool guy. He is a firefighter in Brooklyn and was in the Marines for a while. We had a lot in common and had a really good time. After we were all pretty buzzed we decided to all go off resort for dinner. The three of us walked up to the mall and found a little sushi spot. I thought the sushi was really good. Better than what we have here in Indiana! Walking back to the resort we got some more booze and I made catchphrase cards so we could get drunk and play catchphrase in the rooms. Not gonna lie, I had a lot of fun. I freaking love catchphrase!

May 4, 2016.
Cynthia stayed at the resort while Danny and I went out to shop again. Danny was on vacation solo spending a couple days in Mexico before going to Vancouver, Canada. He said he is a foodie so I guess Vancouver is a place to go for interesting foods. Anyway, he read about an enchilada place near the resort that was supposed to be really good. We walked passed it on the way back to the resort and picked up some highly recommended authentic Mexican made enchiladas. We smashed them back at the resort beach bar. Cynthia was having a good time partying with the friends she had made. Since it was all of our last night in Mexico; Cynthia, Danny, and I decided to go out for dinner together, hit up the cigar shop, and then end the night club hopping. We did one of those three and I cannot say anymore.

Tips for travel:
Write down and have all the hotel, cab, transportation information before leaving the states.
Make sure you book somewhere with Wi-Fi.
Bring waterproof bags.
Make sure you and your travel partner have the same agenda for going on vacation.
Don’t leave the people you are with without telling them where you are going. Ever.

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