World Of Beer-Drink It Intern!

I just created a 60 second video to try to get a summer internship with World Of Beer to travel and review different beers!! I am so excited and very nervous. Excited that this opportunity is available, I know little about beer, and recently moving to Indiana has made that much more clear to me! I need to learn about beer here to survive here in the city of craft beers and 100 on tap at every bar!! Nervous because 60 second videos are hard! I couldn’t get in the brewery’s I’ve been to (Heineken and Budweiser) and I couldn’t even fit in that I grew up driving to Pennsylvania to stock up on my favorite, Yuengling, because they didn’t sell it in Ohio at the time! Wish me luck and promote me!!
Tweet @ SL33V3d would be great for #drinkitintern, hashtag me on Instagram SL33V3D and facebook #worldofbeer #drinkitintern!
I love you all!