Newly Single, New State, New Job, New Friends, Old Friends Lost: My Life 2015.

Man I cant believe I have not written since May. Dang. I am disappointed in myself…but A LOT has been going on.

Jason and I.
My third nephew was born.
My best friend in the entire world died from cancer.
I quit working for Diebold.
I got a job out of state and picked up and moved to Indiana.
New apartment disaster.
Wake-boarding on a river?
The Ohio State University versus Indiana University football game.

I promise the relationship stuff won’t be long. (At least I’ll try to keep it short…)
Jason and I had a really good run at our relationship as official boyfriend and girlfriend, which is pretty easy to do when you live 5 hours apart (seriously easier when you’re not in each other’s faces everyday.) But then my lease was coming to an end in Ohio, I hated my job and wasn’t making enough money to pay all my student loans and rent without a roommate, so I popped the question; “What do you think about us possibly living together?” Two days later he broke up with me. (Okay well not exactly. Two days later he tried to break up with me but couldn’t come up with a valid reason so he didn’t officially break up with me until 2 weeks later.) And that was the first time I have been the dumped. I was devastated. Truly. I couldn’t understand why and, quite frankly, neither could he (which I think was why I had such a hard time getting over it.) We didn’t fight, we didn’t stop liking each other, we didn’t stop hanging out and visiting each other; eventually we realized that it was just happening too fast for him and had to stop things before it possibly got to us not liking each other. Long story short; Jason has lived alone for 13 months, I have lived alone for 17 years. I have moved 13 times in the past 10 years, he just moved out of his parents’ a year ago. I needed to not focus on any “us” and focus on myself; where am I going to work, where am I going to live, what the fuck is going to happen to fix my life in the next twelve months? Jason needed to experience life, he needs to learn to live alone, learn to be happy with himself, learn to appreciate and participate in the relationships he already has, (still including me here) and grow as a person. After realizing all these things (with the help of my amazing sister, late best friend Annie, and my bff Cynthia) Jason and I have an awesome friendship that cannot ever be mirrored and I am very happy with the results. For now at least haha

Everyone knows how much I hated Canton, Ohio and working for Diebold. It was awful. The company was awful. The distance from my friends and family was awful so I had been looking for a new job in either Columbus, Ohio (my home,) Indianapolis, Indiana (yeah seriously,) and back in Cleveland, Ohio (which was a last resort.) I couldn’t find a roommate anywhere so I needed to get something fast. I had a couple interviews in Indiana and zero anywhere else that paid enough money for a single-income based life. There was one company that I was really interested in and very persistent following-up with after my interview. I got the job. A job in Greenwood, Indiana just south of Indy. Finally. I had been freaking out for about two months over where I was going to live, how was I going to pay my loans, how was I going to survive and I landed a great gig at a great company. Now I just had to figure out how to get there…in 2 weeks! Went down over the weekends to look at a couple apartment complexes and Jason was kind enough to look at a bunch of places in Greenwood for me while I was working and he was in that area and finally decided on a place up north of Indianapolis when I made one last phone call to some random place in Greenwood and they just happen to have someone give their notice while I was on the phone with them so I took it.

Over the past few months I had been dropping my belongings off to random houses of friends all over Ohio since I didn’t know yet where I was going to live and I didn’t want to throw my things out. Thank you Adam, Fran, Justin and Mom! (I still have yet to pick any of my things up but Ill be back in Ohio in a couple weeks to grab some things.) So that left me with the rest of my belongings to either fit in my car and my friends trailer or be thrown in the trash. I felt like a widow that was moving from a three bedroom home to a one bedroom condo. It was sad to throw some things out but I didn’t NEED them so they were gone. (While all this was going on my best friend was dying but I’ll touch on that in another paragraph.) I had taken my 17 years of living in my own home and turned it into a new beginning.

Before I moved I had to make the rounds to say goodbye to everyone in Ohio because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go back for a while. I went to spend time with my friend Annie, who was sick, every chance I got. So, on Thursdays I would spend the day with her and when I left her I would stop and see my mom and then fit Fran and the boys and Cora in when I could on my way back to Canton before packing more shit up. One of the trips I decided to stop and see Grandma Radis. My older brother and I had not talked much since Christmas. He had just had his second child, James, and when I was going to grandma’s so was he so I got to meet my new nephew and spend time with grandma. It was very nice and a little weird to be honest. I was avoiding a lot of aunt Deb’s questions and being pretty vague (because I didn’t want anyone to know where I was moving – read some of my older posts and you’ll know why I have this aversion) and Aunt Deb called me out. Before I left grandmas she asked me what was really going on, where was I really going. I told her, kinda, vaguely.

The only doubt I had about moving to Indiana was leaving Annie. Annie is my best friend. We had become very close these past few years when everyone else was off getting married and having babies and becoming “better than us.” All we had left from our group of friends growing up was each other. Annie had cancer first about 8 years ago. She had to go through chemo and was left with a painful differentiation in her right hip. After being officially “cancer free” for a couple years it came back. After what I’m sure was a rough decision she had decided to go down to Columbus, Ohio to the medical center at The Ohio State University for a riskier procedure to try to get rid of the mass while trying to keep her leg, or at least keep enough of it for a prosthetic. There were a lot of complications and a long months recovery. The procedure did not work, she had a full leg amputation but they got the cancer out, so we thought. I think it was only 5 weeks (probably not even that long) after having her leg amputated that they found masses in BOTH of her lungs and we knew what was going to come. Annie and I had talked a lot about what we would do, what we would want if the roles were reversed, how we would want the people in our lives to be with us and all the things you talk about when you’re dying. We has each others backs. I knew exactly her point of view. I saw what she went through the first and the second time. I knew she was going to turn down any chemo and any more surgeries. We were going to lose her. I spent every day off that I could going to spend time with her. The last time I saw her was the day before I moved and she passed away 5 days after I moved to Indiana but not before marrying the love of her life. Annie, I love you. I miss you. I still text you. I still email you. I don’t think I’ll ever realize you are not here.

That was a bad transitional paragraph but I couldn’t fit it in anywhere else. So I moved into this apartment without seeing it first. Lots of people do that all the time. Well this time it was not good. I am not sure what I can and cannot say at this point about Edward Rose Realty because of a settlement agreement I just signed but I can tell you they have the worst property managers in the entire country. I have lived everywhere and no company has been this ridiculous and non-communicative. Edward Rose Properties are HORRIBLE.

Okay so I’m in Indiana. I’m getting all my crap moved into my apartment (well the parts of the apartment that are livable.) I’m trying to get this knocked out in three days because I start work on Wednesday August 19. Did what I could with what I had. Now my apartment is fully functioning and I only have two boxes left to get from Jason’s apartment ha.

I am going to be honest here. I have always thought the state of Indiana is worthless. Completely worthless. No water, no hills, no mountains, smallest “big city” ever, no snow, and not a single apartment complex with a garage. I am sorry Indiana, you are in fact pretty awesome. I am pretty sure that my opinion has only changed because of the people though. People here are so nice. Like in northeast Ohio, no one gives a crap about you or where you’re from or anything about you unless they already know you. Really. Walk up to a stranger in Cleveland and ask them what time it is they will punch you and run because they probably think you’re trying to mug them for their watch. Ask a stranger in Indiana what time it is and you’ll end up going wake-boarding on the White River on their speed boat tomorrow!
My first month here I went to the Indiana State Fair, the zoo, biked the Monon Trail, gotten to know craft beer, seen the arts district, been on a boat on the river every week (less the past two weeks) and gone to the OSU vs IU football game.

Everyone I work with is nice. Everyone I meet is nice. Everyone is down to do whatever whenever. I am not used to people being so nice to people. I like it. I feel it. I think it is rubbing off on me (which you all know can only be a good thing.)

Work. I love the industry I am in. I work in aerospace. We manufacture parts for airplane engines. Big ones. All the guys that work in the shop are very good at their jobs and just really chill, cool people. There is very little drama in my plant and everyone seems to be pretty happy all the time. I am getting used to the job and still learning the small details but I’m really enjoying the work that I do and very glad I made the move. It is hard to be away from my nieces and nephews but hopefully my sister will get it together and figure out how to use the Walgreens app soon and have some pictures sent to me 🙂

I moved to Indiana August 15th, 2015. I will be in Ohio for 36-48 hours in 2 weeks and that is it for Ohio until 2016 because I leave for for New York City for my 3rd annual New Year’s Eve Family Tradition to spend the week with my older sister and the rest of the family I have through her which is always the highlight of my year. By the way sis, there is a bowl game on NYE this year so we might need to get a second TV for me!

Peace out!