Valentine’s 2015

Normally I don’t do Valentine’s Day; I’ve never had a reason to due to a string of loser boyfriends, being perpetually single, and being a person who thinks Hallmark holidays are pretty dumb in general. However, this year I had reasons to celebrate. I have a boyfriend I like a lot who is not a DB, he is nice, sweet, spontaneous, cool with whatever, and did I say I like him? So I wanted to do something.
Jason had asked me if I could come out the weekend of February 7th for one of his good friend’s get together so since I was going to be out that weekend we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day that weekend I was there (makes sense.)
I am going to make this brief and not get into any of the little details but we had a great time. Once he remembered we were celebrating Valentine’s Day he managed to come up with some great ideas of stuff for us to do. We went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, got some amazing burgers at this place called BRU Burgers, had some crazy liquid nitrogen made frozen custard, and had dinner at Peterson’s (fancy schmancy ala carte place.)
For presents he got something very thoughtful for me. Back last time I visited I noticed his nephew had this crazy cool minion I had been trying to find up here in Cleveland. I could not find this particular one anywhere so I gave up looking. Jason was aware of this when I got back from visiting his brother’s house and told him how jealous of his nephew I was for having MY minion! lol Anyway Jason came out with a “Collector’s Edition Minion” with a certification of authenticity and everything. This thing talks back to you, it moves all its body parts, you just talk to the thing and it gets all crazy and sings or dances for you! It is a minion that listens! Holy awesome!
I got him a ring with his initials engraved in it because he wears rings, I’ve never gotten anyone a special ring, and he has never been given a special ring.
All-in-all the holiday went well. The best V-Day I’ve had.
Thank you JW.

Peace out.