Jason Comes to Town, Mom Has Surgery, Sister Has Surgery, and Honzu’s Second/Final MMA Fight!!


It has been a while hasn’t it? Well, I’ve been busy. Work work work and little play. Speaking of work I still like it so far ha! Oh, work, I also met someone through work in a manner of speaking. I dig him a lot. We have spent some time together and it has all been fun, even when we are laying on the couch watching different tv shows with my headphones on. Muy bueno y me gusta.

Let’s get to it shall we?

So, Jason decided to use his last week of vacation time to come to Northeastern Ohio in December (yes I am that awesome!)  He got in Tuesday night (the night before my mom’s second hip replacement surgery. Tuesday, December 2 2014) I wanted to get together with some co-workers to play this new board game I got called Don’t Be A Loser so that is what we did Tuesday night after work. There were five of us; me, Jason, Kat, Aaron, and Alex….and a whole bunch of Great Lakes Christmas Ale and Blackout Stout…and some sissy wine for Kat. Anywho, this game has not officially come out yet so I have a pre-real-game version of it from the makers because I donated to fund it on Kickstarter. Basically you get at least four people and up to as many people to play. You take turns being the “challenger” and compete with the opponent at a variety of tasks suck as “You have sixty seconds to draw this without lifting your pencil off the paper, the best wins,” or “With water in your mouth sing/gargle the song We are The Champions” and dance-offs! I think this is one of the best games I have ever played; hands down. You don’t even have to play the whole time. You can come and go as you please. If you need to get up and use the restroom you just get skipped for that challenge. When you come back you’re back in. And even if you;re not playing you still get to vote on the challenge winner. It really is the ultimate party game. Needless to say when my giraffe, that I drew, in sixty seconds, was voted loser to a giraffe that looked more like an alpaca I got mad…but it was still fun. (Aaron you suck at the moonwalk and I will never forgive anyone who voted that my giraffe was not better than his crappy alpaca! Seriously eat a D.) I also had to arm wrestle a dude I just witnessed crush another guy in an arm wrestle haha. (Did I mention you can substitute people to take your part in the challenge? Pretty awesome.) We played a little bit of Catchphrase until people got bored with me having control with that the whole time and attempted to play Head’s Up which lasted about one round because we are all just so stupid to figure out how to play it! Night ended about 2am.

Slept for about three and a half hours because we had to get up to go to the zoo and the hospital.

Wednesday, December 3 2014.


I love going to the zoo in the winter! There is no one there because it is cold but all the animals are still out because, well, they have fur people. It is nice and quiet and you have the place to yourself. Just layer up, put on some steel-toed boots so the wind doesn’t get in to your feet, and bring a MP3 player and walk around with your own little private party! Akron Zoo is pretty nice. It is a little small but they have a lot of interactive stuff to do there. They even have a carousel! Throughout the whole zoo they have exercise stops where, ya know, you do stupid exercises in the middle of the zoo (even better reason to go in the winter when no one is around to see,) and about every third exhibit is indoors so you get a little warm-up inside. We got a lot of great pictures because there weren’t a million people standing in front of the bear in our way. Quite a few selfies with animals next to my face too. It was a lot of fun. Just fun enough to take my mind off of my mom being in surgery…I was able to reach someone at the hospital around 3:00 and was told mom is out of surgery, in recovery, waiting for a room. Still no way to contact her myself. Nervous.

After the zoo Jason and I went to Kent, Ohio to my favorite burger (and bourbon) joint Bar 145 for dinner (http://www.bar145kent.com/home.) I have talked about this place too many times for us not to go. The place is named Bar 145 because 145 degrees is the perfect temperature for a medium-rare burger. You get a piece of paper and a pencil and you check off all the stuff you want on your burger. White truffle rub on your burger? Sure! Spiced baked apples and brie cheese burger; why not? And the best white truffle fries you’ll ever have. Add a finger of Jefferson’s Select and it is a perfect meal! YUM.

After dinner we did not want to do anything. We were so tired from only 3ish hours of sleep and worrying about my mom all day but I wanted Jason to have the greatest tour of Northeast Ohio ever so I decided we would go to Chagrin Falls to see the pretty village lights. On the way there we stopped at my sister’s house so I could see my nephews and have them wake me up a little bit and see my sister before she had surgery the day after. May as well have Jason meet my whole entire family while he is visiting. (Seriously he met my mom, my sister, my two nephews, my niece, aunt Janet, and my older brother, and even my brother’s mother-in-law!) Good times. Nephews are always fun and Eli was just being super cute that night.

So we get to Chagrin Falls and walk around. Man, I love that place. Every single telephone pole has its own Christmas tree with lights on it and the whole town is lit up with a big tree in the town triangle and even the waterfalls are lit up. Beauty, pure beauty.

Driving back home I finally got to talk to my mom around 8pm. She said the surgery went fine and she was very tired so it was a short conversation but I’m glad I got to talk to her and will see her in the morning. We got back to Canton, Ohio with enough time to go back to my apartment to change into pajamas and get to the movie theater to see Horrible Bosses 2. Freaking hilarious. Seriously. Watch it. Better than the first one. WAY better. And the first one was really funny!

I think we crashed around 1am because we had to get up early to get to the hospital to see mom and check into the hotel in downtown Cleveland!

Thursday, December 4 2014

Wake up, get shit packed and ready to go see mom in the hospital and check in to the Westin in DTC (DTC = downtown Cleveland.) Got to the hospital and mom was slightly awake. It was only twenty-four hours after her surgery so she was still heavily medicated and was in and out of it a lot. Lucid for a few minutes, out for a few minutes. I was very happy to see her though. She was out of bed and sitting up in her chair watching television and seemed to be very happy that there was a Grey’s Anatomy marathon on! And this was the first time Jason met my mother…doped up in a hospital after a major surgery. Awesome. So after Mrs. Schreiber arrived (my older brother’s mother-in-law) we left mom alone and headed down to Cleveland, Ohio.

We were starving so we decided to grab a sub from DTC before going to the hotel. The sub shop (which shall re mane nameless because I hate the owner but they have good food so I let myself eat there sometimes) was right by my favorite store; The CLE Store. (www.cleclothingco.com) I got a couple shirts and a magnet. We perused and they have a lot of neat stuff in there. The books are hilarious. Everyone should check it out. I actually get a few shirts from them and Fresh Brewed Tees each year because I like to have “custom” clothes that not everyone else can get. (http://www.freshbrewedtees.com/) So while we were out and about still I drove Jason around Downtown Cleveland. I showed him the 10 story tall Lebron James “Return” poster, Playhouse Square, E. 4th street, and some other stuff I cannot remember right now…probably the Terminal Tower and Key Bank Building, whatever.

So we get to the hotel just in time to mow our subs, by the way this kid was like loving this sub like it was one of the best he had ever had, and shower to get ready in time for the comedy show my buddy Scott Havlice got us tickets to at Hilarities/Pickwick and Frolic. (http://www.pickwickandfrolic.com/) Just before 7pm I decided that we were walking to Pickwick because our ride had not shown up and it is a good thing too because they bailed! I got a couple other people to take their place. Angela a co-worker and her neighbor Karl. We had a drink and before the show started Angela decided it would be nice to yell at me for wearing makeup. “You’re way too pretty to wear makeup. What are you doing? Take that shit off. Don’t wear makeup. Ever. God you’re too pretty for that stuff.” Okay Ang you’re a little intoxicated so I am just going to say thanks and ignore you…let’s go to our seats.

We get seated, the show starts, we order food (a lot of food,) and start to laugh. Angela and her friend keep talking through the whole thing. Angela gets upset for some unknown reason and her neighbor hands me his credit card and says “We’re leaving, I am so sorry she is being like this,  pay for all of this on my card, I think she just needs to sleep it off.” Um, okay. Thanks for paying the $70.00+ bill dude. After the show I went to find Scott to see what was going on that night and he told me to stop over at Flannery’s because Amy still works there. I was like “Amy still works there? She’s been there like three years. Sweet!” So Jason and I walk over to Flannery’s and I see Crazy Amy behind the bar and screamed “AAAMMMMYYYYY!” she turns around and screams back something along the line of “Shut the fuck up!!!!” I haven’t seen this girl in like a year. We get a shot and a beer and wait for Scott to stop over. It was nice seeing everyone from back in the day; it had been two years since I had seen Scott too! Well I want to dance so we say goodbye to Scott and head over to West 6th in DTC. We went to the first bar I heard rap music, Rumor. Um, so I did not see any Caucasians, which isn’t a bad thing but not what I wanted at that moment. I politely ask the bartender “Please don’t get offended but do white people ever come in here?” She said “Sometimes, normally after like 11pm.” I said “Okay thank you, I’m going to order two shots from you so I can tip you and leave. I’ll be back later.” Ha ha ha. We then walked across the street to a large empty bar that had a DJ. I think it was Barley House. Pretty sure that is where we went. I get more shots and ask the DJ if he had any Beenie Man to play. -For those of you who don’t know Beenie Man he is a Jamacian rapper. (Remember I just went to Jamaica last year and have been obsessed with Jamaican Dancehall music since.) He played the one song he had (crappy DJ) and then I just asked him to play a bunch of regular rap music people know dances to and danced my feet off until I noticed Jason flirting with the bartender, being the attention seeker I am, that is when I decided it was time to back to Rumor!  (Yeah I know, dumb girls.) So Scott showed up at Rumor and took us over to Panini’s with the bartender from there. We drank a little more and ordered some food to take back to the hotel with us. The bartender (sorry I forget her name) called us a taxi and we hopped in one and headed back up to the hotel. So we get out of the taxi and I head up to the room…when I get to the room I noticed Jason was no longer behind me…I reached into my pocket to get my phone to call him and what did I find? His cell phone! Damnit I lost Jason, from Indiana, in downtown Cleveland for like three hours. Somehow he found his way back to the hotel room like a little puppy dog…from hanging out in the parking garage…which is weird but all was well then.

Friday, December 5th 2014

Friday…what happened Friday. Oh yes, horrible experience with The Westin Downtown Cleveland…

So I wake up and stretch my arms up under the pillow and to my surprise I felt something hard. I picked up my pillow and there was a lighter in the bed! Neither Jason or I smoke so it was not ours. I immediately start freaking out. I make Jason get up and we pull the pillows off and I see long black hairs under the pillow as well (not mine I am blonde and not Jason’s because he has short brown hair.) My first instinct was to take pictures while I am freaking out but I did not and I called the guest services and the housekeeping manager comes up to take the sheets off the bed. While the manager is taking the sheets off Jason notices more hairs and even stains. I’m so grossed out I cannot even look. Long story short; the managers were in a meeting so could not do anything when we checked out; since we made reservations through Expedia.com they couldn’t refund, worst customer service ever, ended up filing a complaint with Expedia.com that never was resolved (have to call them and Starwood back because neither were resolved,) had to call Starwood Hotels & Resorts to file a complaint because the Westin Cleveland never called back or filed a real complaint with management. NEVER STAYING WESTIN CLEVELAND AGAIN!!!

Okay so after that horrible thing I don’t want to talk about any longer we went to the hospital to see my mom again. When we got there, not even two full days after her hip was replaced, we saw her with her physical therapist walking up and down a couple stairs. It was awesome. My mom was doing such a great job! So we spent some time visiting with my mom and then headed back to Canton.  At this point I think I have driven 300 plus miles in the 4 days! Yay.

We were tired from the previous night out and dragging because of that and the weather; hungry and lazy at the same time so I decided we were going to go to Bravo! Italian Restaurant and ordering one of everything off of their delicious happy hour appetizer menu! Seriously. Beef carpaccio, balsamic caramelized onions with portobello mushrooms and Gorgonzola cheese flat bread, lobster bisque, and crispy mozzarella ravioli! We made it home in time to get changed into pajamas again and go see Hunger Games; Mockingjay Part 1. Pretty good movie. I liked. Almost fell asleep because I was so dang tired but it was good.

Saturday, December 6th 2014

Saturday was a LAZY day! We slept in until like at least noon, possibly even later. It was very, very, very nice. Got up, did some packing and cleaning to get ready to wrap the weekend up and talked about what to do for lunch. My mom called and asked if we could come over earlier than we had talked to her about so our lunch turned into hurry up and get ready so we can get take-out and eat at moms before the fight.

Got to moms about 4 o’clock. My older brother was there getting ready to leave. (I forgot to mention that mom got to go home from the hospital today and my brother picked her up and took her home around 1300.) We had ordered take-out from Buffalo Wild Wings so we could eat at moms while helping her out get things set up around the house. It was nice to see her home.

FIGHT TIME!!! NAAFS http://naafs.biz/site/tag/caged-vengeance-15/

So my boy Dave Honzu was having his second and final MMA fight tonight (although I would not be surprised if it was not his final fight.) I found out about it like a week in advance! I bought table tickets for Jason and I because I knew it was going to be good if it was anything like Dave’s first fight, and because Dave is a badass. So I used to work with Dave at McMaster-Carr and we have been able to stay in touch via Facebook which is how I found out about the fight (yeah thanks for telling me about it bro.) Anyway Dave has been training for a while. He is sponsered by Dr. Dave Leon with Ken Pain Management Clinic, and trains out of ASKMMA and Academy Of Shorin Ryu Karate and Mixed Martial Arts.

So because we used to work together there were a lot of people from my old job there I got to see. It has been a while and was really nice to see most of them 🙂

Also turns out another buddy, John McNamara’s cousin was the main event at Caged Vengeance 15! Great seats for a great event! Well worth the money.

Dave was fighting Justin Middlehurst. I don’t know Justin’s age but when he came out he looked like he could not be more than 24. A baby pretty much. I was screaming “Don’t feel bad to punch him because he looks like a baby! Knock him out!” Man round one was a little slow to start but it picked up. Round two Dave Honzu came out like a bat out of hell! I did not expect to see Dave come out throwing punch after punch after punch as fast as he could (at least that is what it looked like to me.) Punches landed and Dave won! He climbed the cage and sat up there and threw his arms in the air like the happiest man on Earth! Everyone in the place was screaming and cheering! It was awesome to see/hear all the fans that were there for him. When the announcer asked him what he had to say it was the funniest thing I have ever heard a fighter say (paraphrasing o course) “Man you wouldn’t believe me but that was fun as hell! That kid hits hard as hell. That shit is fun! I had a blast!” Way to go Dave! And of course he dedicated the fight to his son Sam and his wife Laura was right there with them. I was and am proud of both Dave and Laura for all the strength they have. They are an amazing team.

Should out to Dave B. and his wife Rachel who are on their sixth I.V.F. attempt. Man I hope it works out for you two. Good luck and God bless.

On the way home of Jason’s last night in Ohio of the year we stopped at Hardee’s to grab some food because I had never been there…and it wasn’t that great…but we did get there fifteen minutes before they closed so it may be better during the day!

Got home around 11:15 and ready for bed. Goodnight moon!

Sunday, December 6th 2014

I wake up and head to work and Jason heads back to Indianapolis. I hope he had a great visit to Ohio. I know I had a blast and a half!

Peace out folks!