New Job, New Place, New City…

So I have been feeling “blah” and have not had any inspiration to write so I’ll just write about all the new stuff going on in my life.

First the new job…

So I have been trying to get a job at this one company for about eight months (give or take.)I had applied to multiple positions there with no luck. I received and accepted an offer to run the warehouse and it’s employees at JIT Packaging when all of a sudden the aforementioned company gave me an offer. What to do? Do I take the job at a small business where I will basically be running the plant with a manager title and possible room to move up or do I take the job at the international company that I have been wanting to work for in a somewhat entry level position and unsure of potential movement possibilities? I took the job at the larger company.

I actually like my job for the first time in a while. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. I get to meet people from all over the country and I have yet to meet a co-worker that hates what they do which is unusual nowadays. No one complains, people come to work and do their job. It is very simple and welcoming. I get to work with a great team of people in the office and great technicians in the field. There is literally nothing to complain about. Great co-workers, great team, great managers. There is also a big sense of family here with the people that work for Diebold. An example; One of our Cincinnati technicians was fatally shot in a robbery and last time I checked the obituary page for Dan Muscarella of the 180 messages only about 20 were NOT from co-workers across the country. Diebold even set up a fund to match all donations to the family up to $250,000! That’s pretty big.

So since I got a new job all the way on the other side of Ohio I had to decide if I want to stay where I was living or move closer to work so I’m not driving 500+ miles on my new car each week just to commute to work. I decided it was time for a scene change. Since I only had three weeks to find a new apartment in a city I had never been to before my interview it was really tough finding a place. But since my co-workers are very friendly and helpful I got a lot of good tips and found an apartment literally last minute and made the haul. It was tough to move so far away from my mom and the nieces and nephews but I still have two days off each week so I can drive out to visit them (because no one will make the drive here; yeah salty and will forever be.) But I had to move. People move all the time. It’s not like I moved across the country (although I may as well have.) But I still go visit the kids and my sister and my mom once a week if not at least 3 times a month.

So the new apartment; I don’t like it. I mean I like the community I live in and the people there too but I am used to nice high ceilings with ceiling fans and lights, having wide open spaces, large bathroom, large kitchen, my own washer and dryer, and nice light off-white carpets with good ventilation. My new apartment has a small awkwardly shaped kitchen, a strangely placed patio, weird shaped bedrooms, small bathrooms, ugly dark brown carpet, no ceiling fans or lights, and only one washer and dryer for the 8-unit building. I was lucky enough to find a cheap oriental rug to cover the ugly carpet in the living room but other than that I kinda just settled in and said eff it.

Now, as I mentioned before, I have not been to Canton, Ohio until I had this job interview so I do not know the area at all. I hated it at first. I don’t like not knowing where everything is. But now that I have been here two months I have made some friends at work who I can go out with and learn the places to eat and go out around here. Aaron in particular has been very eager to check new places out because, like me, he is not from here either…although he has lived here like three years. So I am digging Canton with the exceptions of Saturdays. This city is crazy about football (home of the Football Hall of Fame.) You can’t go to any bar or restaurant without it already being packed all day and all night on a Saturday. I am not used to that. Luckily (or unluckily however you want to see it) I work on Saturdays for now so I’m okay with it. But if I was off Saturdays I’d be upset. 🙂

So all in all I like my job, I like the people I work with, I like the new city, and don’t love my apartment.

(I apologize if this blog sucked. I wrote a good one and when I went to publish it vanished so I had to re-write it and did so in haste.)

Peace out.