Rufus Wainwright, His Sister, and My Mother.

So my mother has found a particular musician she likes very much. He is the one and only, extremely talented, and extremely flamboyant, Rufus Wainwright.

Just so happen Rufus and his sister (Lucy Wainwright-Roche) were coming to a nice little private venue here in Kent, Ohio, to do a show. Of course my mother bought tickets and decided she would spend the night at my apartment so I could drive her to the show since it was close to my place and not hers.

Long story short here, I was not working that week so my mom insisted that I drive all the way from next door to Kent to pick her up, take her all the way back to Kent for the show, then drive her home after the concert so she didn’t have to spend the night at my place so she could work the next day instead of take time off and I could drive a hundred and fifty miles to see a short concert.

I love my mom so of course I did.

However, I made my mom go to my favorite place in Kent for dinner before the show; Bar 145. Now this place is named Bar 145 because 145 degrees is the temperature for a perfect medium-rare burger. Aside from the usual horrible service, the food was amazing as usual. Both my mother and I enjoyed our dinner before the concert and had food to take home.

Now, for the show. The Kent Stage is a little movie theater turned into a concert venue. It is small. Like really small. Also the perfect place to see Rufus Wainwright do an off the tour show. His sister Lucy Wainwright-Roche went on first. I had no idea who she was until she introduced herself because, well, I don’t know who she is at all. Aside from her dress breaking, messing up some words to her songs, forgetting some songs, and not being able to play some requested songs she did very well. It was fun. When things like that happen in a small venue its very fun. Lucy had a bad set, malfunctions, but she has a beautiful voice and is an amazing songwriter. I really liked her and had I had money would have bought all her albums.

Rufus comes out and I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve seen all the big show DVD’s he has put out because every time I go to my moms house she has them on full blast. Like really loud. But that’s my mom, she loves her music. It is what makes her happy so why not (of course when I walk in I turn the tv volume down.) Anyway, back to the show. So Rufus is Rufus and I know who he is. He is famous, very famous. Came from a famous family of singer/songwriters and although I don’t know who they are I know he is famous and has this songwriting stuff in his blood. He sang a few new songs he just wrote while traveling and they were really good. He sang all the songs everyone knows him for (sorry I cannot recall the names.) All in all it was a great show and I am happy to have had the experience if seeing Rufus and Lucy with my mother.

It was like seeing Judy Garland in the flesh. Shit just doesn’t happen to everyone. Only the cool people can see famous people in a small intimate environment.

The drive home was very long seeing as I had to take mom back like fifty miles then thirty miles back home. But, hey, I didn’t have to wake up too early the next day.

Thank you mom for exposing me to the scene of famous gay singer songwriters.

I Heart You.