Crazy, Sad, Cool…

Fran is pregnant with baby number three on the way. We find out if it is a boy or a girl in about a week.

Sibley has grown so much in the past three weeks it is almost as if she has doubled in size. It is crazy. I haven’t seen her in almost a month and that makes me sad.

I tried dating someone but I have too high expectations of people and ended up breaking it off after a couple of weeks because he was pale and never assertive. If you bring a movie to someones house, clearly you want to watch that movie. When that person asks if you want to watch the movie you brought…say “yes” instead of “I don’t care.” Because with me if you say “I don’t care” all the time I am just going to keep doing whatever I want to do and just act like I’m home by myself on a Saturday night. Be a man.

I went on vacation to Charleston, South Carolina. It had it’s ups and downs. I cannot get into too much detail because I don’t want to hur people more than I already have (unknown to me) but we had some fun day trips and some fun nights drinking…a lot.

When we first arrived Matt and I went to the butcher shop and bought like $300 worth of meat! Twas great. I have a lot of pictures from the trip on Facebook. We went to this local bar called Planet Rocks a bunch…the owner is originally from Montana and lived in Cleveland for a good part of his life. Small freaking world. We talked a lot about Bozeman, Montana and little about Cleveland lol. I also got to hang out with a friend from High School who now lives down there in SC and has stayed friends with Matt since I introduced them last I was there in 2009. Pretty cool. Fun ass chic. It was the Saturday night of our trip and after the bars closed I invited her up to the bar we were at to drink some more. The girl came in with no shoes on! (I think she even went to IHOP without shoes on too.) I do not remember the back-story as to why she didn’t have shoes but either way it was funny. I’m kinda disappointed we weren’t really friends back in the day but I wasn’t in high school too much anyhow and glad we are friends now.

Got a new tattoo while down there by the owner of Blue Gorilla. I got “It is what it is” on the bottom of my right foot to remind me just that and to not let myself get so worked up about how other people treat each other and me. I got “keep up” on the bottom of my left foot because I am a smart ass. Come on, keep up. 🙂 Well that and because Brandon Kirkman suggested it since I couldn’t think of anything!

Back in Ohio I have been having a little too much fun. I’ve been wreck-less and stupid. I also earned what I believe is my 30th speeding ticket of my career. That was another time I was being stupid and things could have been a lot worse for me and my passenger.

I recently had someone who I thought was a close friend to me blow me off and tell me I’m not invited to certain things because they are a group going out trying to meet girls one night and another night is a private event. I asked “If there is a whole group going out then what would one girl going hurt?” He said something along the lines of a group of girls is meeting him and his group of guys. Whatever. Not even five minutes after getting off the phone with him he called me back and straight told me he wanted to (politely paraphrasing) “have sex with me.” That kinda sucked. He and I have had that talk before about how he cannot have feelings for me and we will only just be friends. I have known he has had a crush on my for the three years we have been friends. I have had to tell him we cannot be friends a couple times in the past because I felt he had too strong feelings for me and I just want to be friends. I thought things were all straightened out and we were good again until he said that. Shitty. I don’t like losing friends.
I never believed my friends when they told me that “That guy is only your friend because he wants to sleep with you” until now. This has been happening to me more and more recently and I just don’t like it. I guess I need to learn how to befriend females. Don’t get me wrong, I try to be friends with girls but they don’t seem to like me. Also shitty. What am I to do?

This weekend I am going to try my hardest to see my niece no mater what and the weekend after I need to go see my friend Martene’s baby boy. Making the baby rounds.

Oh I bought a rowing machine for my living room so my ass can start to work out again and hopefully get back to the weight I was when I started this desk job. Blah. But totally awesome because I have a rowing machine in my living room.