OSU, New Home, Random Stuff.

The return of the Buckeyes!!! I am very stoked about this season. Pretty much because it actually counts. The Buckeyes have had a rough couple seasons with all the drama. We have won our first two games but have not played as well as we should or could so we will see what happens tonight when we play California.

As most of you know, I have moved into a new place. I was reluctant at first to move so far away from my mom because, well, a lot of things; her recent surgery, her being alone and, the winter coming up and all the little errands I would do for her and selfishly because it is nice being able to hop in my car and drive five blocks and be at mom moms if I’m bored or want to watch live TV ha! I thought I would get to see my niece, Sibley, a little more being closer but that has not happened. I get to see her briefly when all of us have time slots open. I have been seeing the nephews more though. They have been over twice since I’ve been here and are planning on coming by again next week. They are a blast! Eli is getting so big! He is like a little short linebacker! So rough and tough that kid is and he just one year old! Henry has grown into a little adult! He is so smart. He has learned very well how to share with his little brother which is super nice and quite adorable. And the best part is when they leave Eli screams and cries and Henry doesn’t stop squawking like a pterodactyl! I love other people having children for me!

Anyway, I made the decision and moved 30 miles away from mom and 28 miles closer to work! The move went smoothly because I had a lot of great help from all my friends. We got the trucks unloaded and boxes in the place and then went straight to the pool. I have a pool again! Yes! At first there were some things I did not like. like the fact that when someone in the building does laundry or takes a shower I hear the water pipes, how far I have to go to take out the garbage, people always leaving the entrance door wedged open so anyone can come in, and the fact I’m in an animal building there are crying dogs all day long that freak the goodness out of my poor little cat. But I love it here now that I am settled in and used to things and have discovered that no one out here gives a crap about NCAA football so I can go anywhere on any Saturday and find a seat at the bar to watch the games. Not to mention the Chipolte here NEVER has a line! Seriously. I have never had to wait in a line here to order anything. It is amazing.

On to the random stuff. People at work must find me amazing because I feel like a celebrity hearing all the bullshit they come up with to talk about me when I’m not there or behind my back or bitch about whatever it is. These “adults” I work with (with a few exceptions) complain about some of the stupidest stuff I’ve ever heard. I’m going to avoid getting into details publicly because I love my job and the company I work for but some of the things I hear are just plain ridiculous and really no one’s business to say anything about or any way any one would know such personal things about me so all completely untrue! With that said I am a hard worker. I have stepped up my game since I had my review. I wear earplugs to keep all the distracting noise out, keep my head down so people don’t want to pull me into their drama, and do a lot more extra work and I’m very proud of myself about how much I have improved there over the past few months. I just hope they see it that way too lol!

As for my love life it is pretty much non-existent and I think I am going to keep it that way for a while. Dudes be acting a fool. I am starting to think that men might be just as crazy as women if not a little bit more.

Off to watch game 3.