Wild Water 30th Birthday!!

So I just turned thirty last weekend. I won four tickets to Mohican Adventures [www.mohicanadventures.com] for a seven mile raft trip and go-karts and putt-putt from my work so I figured what a better weekend to use them than my birthday? My friend Josh and his daughter Catie drove up from Columbus to meet me and my buddy Joe for the day. It was awesome. The weather was not so great but we all came prepared (except for Joe.)

We decided to get a raft, well I decided we were getting a raft, because I just don’t trust canoes; they tip too easy. So we were going along rafting our time away having fun doing spins and almost ramming into other people on the river when the guys spotted a great place to park and jump off of a rope that was tied to a tree and into the water. Now I have never done this before because for some reason jumping off a rope tied to a tree into a river just never seemed like a fun idea to me. Well the guys did it, Catie went to do it but I believe she just ended up getting a little scared and ended up opting-out. Three or four more times of the guys jumping we got everything on video and were getting ready to launch our raft back in the water while I was talking to Josh about how I never done that before and 14 year-old Catie looks at me and says “I’ll do it if you do it.”  I sigh thinking she isn’t really going to do it she just hope I say no and she is the lesser of a “chicken.” Then she gives me these little puppy dog eyes and holds her pinky out and says “I pinky swear I’ll do it if you do it.” Damn little children why do they have to be so darn cute and persuading?! So I bust out my pinky, lock it with hers, get out of my poncho, put my swim trunks on and head for the rope.

Well we did it and I did it twice! We also got it on video. Josh was taking charge of the camera and when I went I refused to let go of the rope at its peak and waited til I was closer to the three foot deep water to let go because I did not want to risk slamming into any rocks. I guess that wasn’t cool enough because at the end of my jump you can hear Josh say “Not good.” Thanks buddy. For Catie’s video, his daughter, at the end all you hear is Josh screaming “YEAH, YEAH, That’s my girl, WHOOO, YEAH!!” Prouder father than friend ha! (You can see all the videos on my Facebook page; www.facebook.com/carolyn2me)

So we get done with the rafting and head back for some go-karts. It was raining and all the gross track water was splashing on our faces but nonetheless it was fun and of course I did not win a race, even though it was my birthday and someone should have let me won. No mercy. Putt-putt was the same except Josh had put on his special adult onsie which just happened to be an amazing article of clothing! I came in second to last I believe.

After the activities we head across the street to get some food before parting our separate ways. Food was ate and goodbyes were said.

My friend Cynthia drove up from Columbus to go out on Saturday night and come to the water park on Sunday which has been my big birthday tradition for I don’t know how many years. Cynthia and I go out around 11 to the local bar, one of my friends comes out and we just had a really nice night. Think we were up at my house talking til about 5 in the morning. It was a very nice time.

Sunday funday at Wildwater Kingdom!!! Everyone came. I mean everyone. My mom, my older brother, his wife, my little eight month old niece, my two sisters, two nephews and Cynthia. My niece has never experienced water other than bath time so it was a first and she freaking loved it. Sibley was so happy to play in the water it was great. She smiled the whole time. Many pictures were taken and I was very very happy to have my whole family there this year with me.

It was a blast, my friends drove up from Columbus, my whole family took time out of their lives to celebrate with me and I just felt very loved. The best weekend of 2013 by far!

Love you all and many thanks!