Rock On The Range, Father’s Day and Country Fest…

So I was back and forth with this concert. First I paid $375 for the weekend ticket for all three days. Then I decided that I did not want to have to take two days off work just to go to a concert that I have already seen all of the bands on the roster. So I sold my three day pass. Then when they made the line-up public I saw the band I really really wanted to see (Hollywood Undead) was playing on the first day and the band closing the show was Korn I bought a one-day ticket and only had to miss on day of work. Done.

Friday May 17th, 2013 I woke up at what I thought would be an early enough time to get me to Columbus (Cbus) in time to get my stuff unpacked at Brian’s, meet up with Cynthia and head to the show. Turns out that I-271/71 was under construction for 100 of the 150 miles to Cbus. Just my luck. So I arrived late, making us slightly late to the Columbus Crew Stadium where the concert was taking place. While sitting in the line of traffic waiting to park I busted out my placard for privelaged parking so we can skip the line which came in handy because Hollywood Undead was already playing! HU was starting their first song as we got out of the Jeep and started running towards the gate to get in. We only missed one song and their set was awesome. I love seeing them preform.

Seeing Cynthia was awesome as usual and having Brian as a concert partner was really great. Brian was able to keep up with me and my zigging and zagging all through the people and pushing past to get closer to the stages and all of my fast walking with no regard for other people and their places only thinking of where I wanted us to be and how to get there.

I have never seen so much crowd surfing before and I have been to a lot of concerts and festivals and even more than one Rock On The Range! So much crowd surfing that there were people surfing on top of other people! We went over to the smaller stage to see this band from Sweeden I believe called In Flames. Really hard metal band. Kinda got my ass kicked a little bit but not too badly because I’m a pro and Brian felt the need to “protect” me from the huge ass dudes that were kicking the crap out of each other in the mosh pit. After they played it was a run back to the main stage to watch Korn close the show.

Korn was great as always. Head was back playing with the band for this tour. I guess they are producing another movie or something so he came back to tour to hype up the movie or something. I don’t really know all the details but I think that is the jist of it.

After the concert we went to my favorite spot Hound Dogs/Ravari Room for pizza and Josh.

Saturday, after Josh got back from class, he took me to get my car which was at Brian’s then I headed to the Red Tree Gallery to pick up my print of “Dutch” by Rusty Dornhecker which was very exciting (refer to my post about Hell City.)

So, per tradition, I bring home Hound Dogs pizza with me when ever I visit Cbus and of course I forgot it in Josh’s car so I had to stop at his parent’s house on my way out of town to pick it up. I have never met his parents in the 13 plus years I’ve known him and they are just so darn cute! (Off topic but it is my blog so I can say what I want)

I miss Columbus.

Father’s Day 2013 marks my big brothers first year as a dad. I picked up my mom and took her out to visit with my brother, his wife, and, the proof my brother is a father, my niece Sibley. It was a nice visit. I am very proud of my brother for being such a great father and it is awesome to see how having a child has changed him. I have never seen my brother be all cute and snugly with anyone or smile so much or laugh so much. You usually see people with their spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend sit close or kiss on the cheek or whatever but my brother has always seemed pretty reserved in that area but with Sibley, man he is all over her. But, like anyone holding a baby, you just cannot resist rubbing the top of her little head with your cheek to feel how soft her hair is!

Country Fest;

So I’m driving home from work some Thursday night and my buddy Derek calls me and says “He you know anyone that would want tickets to Country Fest because I just got eight free tickets and you’re the first person I thought of to call?” Well if they are free I’ll take two please…I guess he got a new job setting up events and the company gave him tickets for helping out. I got two and I think he sold a couple. I made Eddie go with me. Dirks Bently one of the greatest country artists was headlining and he was freaking awesome. We also saw Little Big Town and Montgomery Gentry and some other act I cannot recall. Eddie doesn’t like crowds too much so we left before the show ended but it was still a nice time. But I will not go to a country “festival” ever again. Three days of drunk heavy metal fans is cool but drunk dirty country folk was kinda disgusting and since we went on the third day not the first day these people were really gross. They had been camping in the rain, drinking beer for three days and I’m sure you can just imagine…but it was worth the drive and smell to see Dirks.

Alright y’all I do not know when or what I will write about next but I hope it won’t be as long for me to get there.