I think I possibly inspired one of my co-workers, because he reads my blog, to start getting people from work to go out for some old fashioned “get-to-know-each-other-time” once a month after work! It is probable that this idea was already planted in his head but  after he read my blog about how much fun it was last Thursday I like to think I had something to do with getting this in motion ha!

I’m really starting to like my job. After talking with human Resources d multiple supervisors and even co-workers about some of the problems I’ve been having there I have realized that it’s really not that bad. I’ve been taking more time on my work and changing some things to seem like I’m doing things the way of the veterans. The past two weeks have been good there. Things are looking better.

Today was the first time my mom babysat her granddaughter all by herself so I stopped by on my way home from work and checked in on them and helped out a little bit. We had a lot of fun. My niece Sibley is getting so strong. She is just over 3 months old and her legs are very strong and her head is always up and she smiles all the time. It was precious. Sibley is precious and I see her little face get pettier and prettier each time I visit. I cannot wait ’til next Monday to visit again!

Peace out!


Give It A Whirl And Go Out With Your Co-Workers…

There is a lot to be said about the way people act at work and the way we act outside of work. Where I work there is not a lot of time for chit-chat and conversations without risking falling behind so when the opportunity arises to hang out with my co-workers outside of work, such as birthdays, MMA fights, or a co-worker leaving and taking another job, I take it because I know my personality out of work is much better and I want people to see that side of me!

Last night was just one of those opportunities. We have a co-worker leaving us and moving on to his family’s business so we had a going-away get together after work. A lot of people that did not go out for the last event (Dave Honzu’s first fight) went out last night and I had a blast. It was awesome to see the people I work with in a relaxed environment where we didn’t have to worry (too much) about what we said, how much we were drinking, or who was around. I learned that I work with some really cool people and I ope some people left there thinking a little differently about me as well.

Well, it is Friday. Time for a movie!

Peace out people.


I Wish I Could Say This Was My Own Quote..

“Relationships are harder now because conversations became texting, arguments became phone calls, feelings became subliminal messages online. Sex became easy, the word “LOVE” gets used out of context, insecurities have become your way of thinking. Getting jealous became a habit, trust has been lost, cheating became an accident, leaving became the only option & being hurt became natural.”