“It’s been a long time since you wore your pill box hat…”

…and a long time since I have blogged. So let me just dive right into it;

Fourteen years ago last Wednesday the 20th was the anniversary of my fathers death. Last week was rough for me. I was sad thinking about my dad and all the things he wasn’t here for and won’t be here for and also a little sad because certain people in my life whom I thought would be more appreciative of my feelings (like the person living in my house who supposedly cared about me) were not. However, my non-blood related sister took time out to celebrate with me. She had me over and cooked me dinner and made my favorite dessert, pumpkin pie, to make up for last years debacle. I need to clarify had I asked my mother or my older brother or even maybe my sister-in-law I’m 100% sure they would have spent time with me that day. But my dear Fran got to me first and asked me over a week in advance.

My dad will not be there to walk me down the isle. My dad won’t be able to hold my new baby niece, Sibley, my dad won’t be able to go drag racing with me. Kinda sucky. But I am stronger.

Today was the anniversary of my non-blood sisters mother’s passing. I made a special sandwich and went to visit her after work. I love the family I have. Just because you are not blood does not mean you aren’t family and for that I am grateful.

On the down side of things I should have went with my gut and my bin weeks ago when I had a bad feeling about this guy I was kinda seeing. I say kinda because to him it was just “hanging out” but yo me it was having someone live with me that I cleaned up after, cooked dinner for, bought groceries with, and who nagged me with questions all the time. My gut said this kid was using me and I should make him leave. Well, I tried that. It didn’t work. I had a nice sit-down and told him that if he doesn’t want a relationship then he shouldn’t be here all the time and that he needs to go elsewhere until he figures it out. Then I was told how I was wrong and things are fine the way they are. (Yeah I’m a push-over I get it.)

Anyhow, turns out I really should have put my foot down.Things sis not end well. I found out that he was lying to me this whole time. He told me he was not talking to others or seeking out others. Lie. He made a dating site profile weeks ago, probably when he was at my house! When he finally told me about it he tried to say that his friends made the profile as a joke. Nope. Lie again. He made it himself. Which in turn makes all the times he told me he had feelings for me and cared about me but “just wasn’t ready for a relationship” complete bs. Creating a dating site profile is actively seeking no matter what way you look at it. He tried to twist it by saying he was just getting a lot of emails from ugly girls but either way, he was exchanging texts with one whom he fancied.

Needless to say it is over. On with life.

I have my hotel booked, artist booked, and tickets ready for the Hell City Tattoo Convention in Columbus, OH which I am totally stoked about. I am finally getting my back finished! Yay. Visit www.hellcity.com to check it out. I believe it is the largest tattoo convention in the country.

I got my tickets to Rock On The Range in the mail and have yet to determine where exactly I am staying but I figure that I’m going towing it that weekend. I know enough people in Columbus I can just go and find a place to crash. Www.rockontherange.com to see the line up. I’m not that excited about the show itself but more of the experience. All the headliners are the same ones I saw the last time I went, but Hollywood Undead is there this year so that is why I spent over $150 on a ticket. Huge fan. Their most recent album is hit or miss but I bet they will play mostly songs from Swan Songs and the 2 or 3 good songs from their new album which I cannot recall the name of.

This past Saturday I went out to support my friend Jeremy Webb A.K.A. Byrdy (or some shit) who started rapping and going out on stag with KPT. His music can be found at www.soundcloud.com and search for Byrdy Rome Webb. In the end he did good. I’m proud of him for getting up there and doing it. It may not have been perfect but he did it and he will do it again.

Off to watch an Archer marathon thanks to Mark VeVerka!

I Love Photo Booths!

Last night was, yet again, another eventful evening. So a couple of people from work had their birthdays recently so a few of us got together down town Akron to celebrate and hang out. It was a lot of fun. We had good times talking with our server about hidden tan lines and little purple lines.

I have this “trick” to get served at the bar before other people…I pick a bartender, ask them their name then ask for change for a $5 twice and leave $1 tip for getting me change. After doing this twice the bartender always notices me standing at the bar and comes right over because I tip well and they know it or I end up getting free drinks. Both of which happened last night. Lovely bartender Brent gave me 3 free shots and I never had to wait longer than 45 seconds for him to spot me standing there and come right over to get my order! I’m smart.

I noticed a photo booth by our table and decided to get pictures with both of the birthday people. Three rounds one with me and Chris, one with me and Rachael and one with the three of us in there. Pretty awesome pictures.

There were Jameson girls there too. I’ve seen Jager girls and Heineken girls but never Jameson before. So i went up to them and pretended to be interested in how long they have been doing their jobs and ended up getting a bunch of us free t-shirts. Jameon has good shirts 50/50 the soft ones. Good deal.

I think we may have freaked one of our co-workers out by how, um, crass we were. He blushed a lot and looked like he was starting to sweat but played it off well and tried to join in on the fun. Super nice guy very chill and laid back but not sure he can handle this crew again! Ha.

So whilst this was going on we have another co-worker n vacation and we were exchanging pictures and chatting trying to one-up each other. He won because I woke up with two voicemails from him that said the exact same thing! It is possible he was so drunk that he couldn’t figure out if his phone was working and really sent the messages! Which reminds me I have to forward them to the birthday people and I have decided to go to Vegas next year! Sounds fun to me.

Off to my sisters I go before the Superbowl!!

Not Allowed To Speak My Mind Anymore…

I wish I could write and tell you all how I am feeling and what is going on but I can’t. I can’t because it involves someone else and they don’t want people to know about me. Its BS. If I could keep a diary I would but I cannot because the things you write down are always there for somebody to find. Now I have all this shit bottled up and am very frustrated. Shitty Friday night.