Re-cap of an Awesome Weekend. NAAFS Fight and Visitor From Colorado.

(Cover photo courtesy of Mary Delphia)

So this weekend was very eventful. I had my friend come to visit from Denver, CO and a co-worker of mine was in his first ever MMA fight in a NAAFS series event.

I will start by saying that I did not know my visitor is afraid to fly so he arrived some what buzzed from alcohol. We went straight from the airport to The West Side Market on W. 25th street in Cleveland. We bought some awesome cheese and got some veal cutlets for me to make dinner Saturday. After that we went back to my place to get ready to go to the fight.

This was a huge event. Dave Honzu from work has been trained by another co-worker, Karl Gruber, was to be in his first official fight ever at the Sports Plex in Streetsboro. There were at least 30 of s from work standing in general admission and another 30 sitting in reserved seating (I am probably off and the number of co-workers was probably higher.)

There were 12 fights that night. Dave was in the first fight after intermission. The first fight ended in a knock out. The rest of the fights were pretty lame and boring but when Dave came on in the ring shit got crazy. There were all of us chanting “Dave, Dave, Dave” (in fact we were all chanting throughout the whole fight), no other fighter had anyone there rooting for them like Dave did. Dave’s fight was the most intense fight of the night. The opponent was a wrestler and Dave was trained in MMA. The only chance his opponent had was to get Dave on the ground and keep him there. The kid got Dave down about 4 times, Dave struggled a bit but got back up and threw a lot of solid punches. He hit that kid hard. Real hard. I believe the fight ended with Dave tapping-out at the end of the third round (I think.) It was sad but we were all so effing proud of him for how hard he fought and how intense it was.

You can see all three rounds of the fight in full on by searching for the user sr7southpaw and clicking the links.

So, since my visitor had been drinking before he got on the flight he was pretty wasted by mid-fight night. Slightly embarrassing but whatever I was just glad he was having a good time and I didn’t lose him for too long of a time! After the fight my friend and I stopped at my other friend “Wigger Dude’s” house. Now I know WD’s house and he has very slippery and narrow steps down into the basement where the pool table and studio are. Needless to say, even though I knew this information, I fell down every single step on my back slicing me up. As I was falling down all twelve steps y buddy was laughing at me for falling, then he fell down them too! Karma is a you-know-what! So now my had is badly cut and my entire back is bruised and cut up as well.

After a brief visit at Wigger Dude’s house we went back my apartment where my hop-along “boyfriend” was waiting (he rolled his previously injured ankle playing basketball that morning.) We played some board games and went to bed early.

Sunday morning we woke up and I made breakfast for the three of us then my friend and I headed out for some old fashioned Cleveland tourism. We went to the aquarium. It was pretty cool. Not as horrible as I thought the Cleveland Aquarium would be. After that we drove around Lakewood showing off all the fancy lake houses then headed to Coventry to Big Fun. After playing around in Big Fun we went to have some drinks and lunch at Melt Bar and Grill (if you are not familiar with it you can look it up on the Food Network for their grilled cheese challenge.)

Dropped off leftovers to my mom’s house then back to watch television and plaed board games with the “boyfriend”for the rest of the night.

Monday morning we woke up and headed out to the Cleveland Zoo and Rain Forest. I like the Ran Forest every time. Apparently all the animals were in heat because we saw orangutans, frogs, monkeys, and turtles making love in the Rain Forest! The zoo part we went and learned bout some elephants and headed straight to the polar bears. Before the polar bears we saw some grizzly bears. There were three grizzly’s playing and what-not when all of a sudden a fourth bear came out, squatted down, sat on his butt and started peeing. The fun did not stop there…the bear started to drink his urine. It was hilarious. Not just a little sip of his urine he drank and lapped that stuff up like it was bottled Disani!

Straight from the zoo to the airport. End of trip and end of a great weekend. Went to Golf Galaxy to buy my first club, a pitching wedge, so I can start practicing again then back home to clean up the mess of two boys in my apartment all weekend!

hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing!

Peace out_

Holidays Late

So the holidays were fun. The traditional Christmas Dinner took place at my older brothers house this year instead of Mom’s. It went smoothly. I went over to my sisters house for the kids night for about an hour and played with my lovely Nephew and watched my brother-in-law make some cookies.

Christmas Day at my sisters was great. Lots of food and lots of family fun. This year we didn’t take turns opening gifts. It was a free-for-all. No one saw who got what and all the presents were unwrapped in like 10 minutes! That’s the way to do it!

New Years Eve this year was the first time I went to Uncle Frank and Aunt Cheryl’s. It was a lot of fun. We played LCR and watched the ball drop.

New Year’s Day was filled with fun at my sister’s house with Pork Papirkash. Anna made potato dumplings and I made the egg dumplings. Who likes pota dumplings? Not me or my other brother-in-law!

All in all it was a great holiday season for me.