Straight No Chaser

So I accepted my mom’s invitation to go to the State Theater in Cleveland’s Playhouse District to go see Straight No Chaser without looking up who they were thinking that since it was mid-December it would likely be a Christmas musical. I was very mistaken. They ended up being an A Capella boy band! Leave it to my mother to want to go see a boy band for her 65th birthday!

It was actually really really good (she tends to have pretty good taste in music and finds a lot of off-the-wall artists I would never have heard of if it weren’t for her.) I enjoyed the whole show. I sang along and loud. I suggest if Straight No Chaser ever comes to your city that you see them year after year because they put on a great show.

These 10 guys started out singing at University of Illinois in some music related collegiate thing. They were asked to preform for their 10 year reunion back in 1998 I believe (don’t quote me though.) They sang their famous take on The 12 Days of Christmas, which is really funny by the way, and a few days later it was posted to youtube and a few days after that one of the members got a phone call from Atlantic Records and bam the group got together and started touring and have been getting better ever since.

Here is a link to the original performance from 1998

And this was my favorite from Last night. It is a mash up of songs from the band Fun. One of my favorite bands this year. (way better sound live though.)

Remember that video is 14 years old so just imagine what they have grown to become. Check out me of their other videos that have been uploaded by fans on

Check it out. And thanks mom for yet another introduction to great music!


So, sponges are something we use in our homes daily for most o us. They are getting really expensive these days so here are some tips to make your sponges last a little longer…

We all know that sponges hold water. That’s kind of what they are meant to do. But not a lot of people realize how important it is to get the water and soap out of your sponge after you use it. Every single time. Bacteria grown in water, mold is caused by water, and just because its an-bacterial soap we wash our dishes with doesn’t mean a wet sponge will stay clean. They are kind of like a wet towel. Would you leave a wet towel on the floor of your room? No, you hang it up to dry.

So when you’re done washing your dishes, every time, run the sponge under the water and squeeze as much of the leftover soap out then squeeze as much of the water out as you can and place the sponge wherever you put it either on its side, so the remaining water will fall down and off the sponge, or with the rough side down so the water still in it will evaporate out instead of being trapped in by the glue that holds the rough together. It will prevent your sponge from getting that nasty old smell and make them last a lot longer. A lot of companies sell sponge racks for you to but to attach to the inside of your sink to put the sponge to dry or “sponge bowls.” I like my little nick-knacks so I have these two perfectly odd shaped bowls hat my sister made in her high school ceramics class I put my sponges in. I also have two sponges. One sponge to clean “human food plates” and a different sponge to clean “animal food plates.” I mean gross, I’m not cleaning dried up cat food and the plates I eat off of with the same sponge. Cross-contamination. Then my plates might end up tasting like cat food eventually! And when I switch out my sponges I usually throw the cat food sponge away and move the human plate sponge to now clean the cat bowls and use the new sponge for my plates.

It really does save a lot. I probably only go through 4 sponges a year just because I keep them clean and dry and also clean the bowls that hold them about once a week so everything stays clean.

Just thought I would throw that little bit of information out there in case anyone didn’t already know. It takes like 5 seconds to rinse the sponge and squeeze it dry and saves o a few trips down the cleaning isle at the grocery store!


Online Orders Returned, Chaos, Babies, and Me.

So I began this week (only yesterday) thinking it would be the longest week ever. I have my employee’s Christmas party on Saturday which I have to prepare for because my date cancelled Friday along with my hairdresser cancelling the same day. So not only did I have to find a new date and a new hairdresser (with the holidays hairdressers are really busy on Saturdays) I also have to dye my already pink shoes black, return the coat I bought and buy it again with the $50 coupon I found at home, go grocery shopping, clean my apartment for my guests, get all my pet supplies, return the 40 inch tv we bought for my mo because it is broke, return the 3D blu-ray player because I decided not to get a 3D tv, get beer, apply to Ashland University for my MBA, work, laundry, doctors appointments, and whatever other things that come my way like stop at my mom’s house and move all her furniture.

Yesterday I decided to ask one of my friends if they had a day off if he could help me run some errands and I would pay him so I have more time to get everything done. It worked. And thank goodness because I really hate UPS and grocery stores.

So today he did my shopping and will be returning the tv and blu-ray player while I woke up early for a doctor appointment where we decided to have me get an upper endoscopy which is a procedure where they knock you out, stick a camera down your throat and look at the inside of your stomach and part of your intestines. I am having this procedure because I have been having some bad stomach pains since my last surgery.

I have been emailing and Facebook-ing any hairdresser I can think of and finally found someone to get my hair done with for the party. I have my date confirmed; one of my favorite people from Columbus is so generous to drive all the way up to Cleveland for a black-tie event with an open bar in the Browns Stadium 😉

After my doctor appointment I had a couple hours of free time before a second doctor appointment a set up to go visit my brother, his wife, and new baby girl. It was a very nice visit. Sibley is a very chill baby. So beautiful too. I can honestly say that she has no blemishes. Every part of her is perfect. Her hands, her face, her full head of hair (already a ton of hair and only 6 days old), her ears, and just everything I can see is perfect.

Mommy was able to take a little nap when I was there which I’m sure was much needed and me and my bro got to hang out. When mommy woke up to take care of Sibley I helped out and did the dishes and got some lights up on their Christmas tree so my brother was able to get some work done and make some calls. I was happy to help. I have seen how much time babies take away from every day life when my sister had my nephew Henry. I have zero children and I am paying a friend to do my grocery shopping because I don’t have enough time; I could only imagine what my life would be like with an infant! A little while before I had to leave my brother asks me “Can I hold her?” So precious. It was a little funny though. She is your baby of course you can hold her. Take her from me any time you want. Tell me to leave when you want me to leave. Ask me to go to the store for you if that is what you need someone to do. I’m here to help not just for the baby even though if you didn’t just have a baby I would have spent those 4 hours at Fran’s with my nephew! Ha.

So that was really cool. Oh she finally opened her eyes for me. I haven’t seen her open her eyes yet because the other time I spent with them she was asleep. It was pretty cool. She just stares at you with her big baby eyes. I think she is going to have brown eyes. I think I saw brown coming through so she definitely has my brother’s eyes. I also got to have my first experience changing a baby girl’s poopy diaper thank you very much. It is hard. Boys are so much easier to change, but hey, like I said, I’m here to help…

So go to second doctor, get some vaccination, over and out in under 20 mins. Quick cat-nap at my apartment before dentist appointment. Drive 20 miles to dentist office and they look really confused. Turns out my appointment is next week! “Um, then where am I supposed to be right now?” Nowhere. So I just drove 36 miles round trip for nothing. Awesome. I could have napped longer!

So I went to Beachwood mall to return and re-purchase the coat I bught at Express. They would not let me use the coupon because it had expired yesterday. No joke. They wouldn’t price match or anything. I got a little snippy with them. Its a $200 coat. I had the coupon when I bought it I just forgot to use it. It has only been expired for one day. Give me a break. Long story short their outerwear was on sale 30% off so I had the price adjusted and got $42 back so lost out on $8. Whatever, I’ll take it. On my way out of the mall the little cupcake stand caught my eye so I bought a half dozen cupcakes on impulse. Guess what. It just happened to be cupcake happy-hour! Buy 6 get 2 free. Sweet. Now I have a ton of sugar filled cupcakes that I will probably forget about since I buy breakfast, lunch, and dinner I hardly ever go in my fridge. I gave a couple to my friend that did my shopping and I’ll have them for visitors so it works out.

After the mall I had just enough time to go to my mom’s and move her furniture back where it was before she had her carpet cleaned. Oh shoot, I forgot to get the jewelry I went there for. Dang it. Adding “go back to mom’s and get jewelry” to my list.

Long day. Time for dinner. Night folks.

My Hairdresser…

So I have done a lot of crazy things with my hair. I once dyed it bright orange before going to California to visit my mother’s family (which se was not too happy about!) I have gone to the Aveda schools to let a newbie try to work her magic which never turned out bad it just takes forever. My favorite was my best friend Hallie who would do all kinds of choppy highlights in five different colors. she was doing my hair after cosmotology school for 5 years until she tragically passed away.

Since I have moved back to Northeastern Ohio I have been dreading finding a new hairdresser. Someone cool and hip with the new styles and who knows their way around a razor because I like the slicing layers.

Well I found one! Located in downtown Chagrin Falls, Lisa Ricchino, the owner or Jada Nicole Salon and Spa is amazing. In fact I have already gotten a couple of friends to start using her that is how good she is. Lisa is a single mom of two who names her salon Jada Nicole after her youngest daughter. It is a cute little salon in the heart of the village and she has recently partnered with a licensed beautician so her salon includes full waxing treatments, manicures, pedicures, and make-up.
Everything is reasonable priced especially for being in Chagrin Falls. Anyone can afford it.

Jada Nicole Salon and Spa
45 Pleasant Drive
Chagrin Falls, OH

Good luck Lisa!