Turkey Day, My Nephew, and Football!!

Gobble gobble! So I had a 4-day weekend due to the holiday (thank you McMaster-Carr for not making us work on Black Friday). Which was nice but also somewhat horrible since I didn’t have a lot to do. Idle time makes me sleep a lot and miss a lot.

So usually my sister, Anna, sends out an email asking everyone if they are coming for Thanksgiving dinner, what time, and what they will be bringing. Ts year she did not. On Monday I asked her what was going on for Thanksgiving and she responded “It’s the same day ever year…” Leaving me with no answers. So since she usually tells people the dinner will be ready around 2 and it is usually an hour late, I rolled on over to her house about 2 pm  I was the only person there. “Where is everybody?” “I don’t know. Anyone that asked I told them dinner will be ready around 4.”

Great. So I get to drink a couple bloody mary’s and lay on the couch waiting for people to arrive. Just as I was about to text my other sister, Fran, to come bring my nephew over I opened my eyes and there they were! Yay.

I cannot tell you how cool my nephew Henry is. He is a little over 3 years old and the coolest thing I have ever had in my life. (He is also my Godson. I currently have 2 nephews Henry and Elias, and one niece  Harmony, and one niece on the way; baby no-name-yet. And I totally play favorites. Sorry but Hank wins.) So this little child who I helped birth it just growing so damn fast. It is amazing to watch and listen to him grow. When he first started talking and learning name I was “Aawntie Tawin” and now I am “Aunt Carolyn.” I didn’t teach him my name. I wasn’t around every day. But when he first said “Aawntie Tawin” I almost cried. He actually learned MY name. Like I was someone important enough for him to have the need to know my name. How cool is that? And it is even cooler because everyone knows I don’t like “Auntie” I prefer “Aunt” so my name has even changed.

So Henry comes in the house and it’s my time to play with him! Stuffed animals and dinosaurs. Every animal he picks up he tells me what it  and what sound it makes. He picks them all up and throws them on my head. He is awesome.

Ok enough of that, you get that my nephew is cool.

Dinner was great. Thank you Anna for cooking and hosting each year. I was all blah and tired up until I saw ham. When I saw there was ham at Thanksgiving I started skipping around the kitchen! I love ham and dislike turkey. (Anna please correct the date) I believe it was because of the so-called Ham debacle of 2008 that we now have ham on Thanksgiving much to Anna’s dismay. I boycotted turkey for a couple holiday dinners because there was no ham so now we always have ham. Yay!

Football! The Ohio State University beat Michigan. Duh. don’t care if it doesn’t count or if we don’t get a bowl game. We beat Michigan. That is all that we needed to do.

The Browns beat the Steelers? For real. Didn’t see that coming but hey I’ll take it! Go Ohio (except the Cavs lost.)

Back to work today and I already have what seems to feel like shin splints on both sides. Sucky. Nothing I can really do about it when my job is nothing but me running around. Oh well.

I do zero shopping this weekend. I guess i have to buy a jacket for my work’s Christmas party next weekend?

I watched a lot of movies this weekend. Safe House two thumbs up. The Education of Charlie Banks one thumb up. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter two thumbs up. There was another movie but I forget what it was so I guess it didn’t get any thumbs from me.

Mom stopped by a couple times to pick up some movies and music. She is obsessed with Rufus Wainwright. This gay Canadian dude that is a singer/song writer. He is okay but I don’t love him.

Got my Christmas tree up and on. This year I spent as little time as possible on it so it is not the best and I only put half as many ornaments on it as I usually do Kinda sad but it is what it is.

Now I have to shower and get my legs rested for tomorrow. Night people.

Words With Friends No More; Found Something Better!

Dice With Friends is awesome! Playing Yahtzee with your friends is way fun if you are a Yahtzee fan like my and my friends.

Excited about Buffalo Wild Wings giving a “you could win” card with every $25 gift card purchase but not excited tat I have to wait until January to redeem it. So if you buy a gift card from there they give you this piece paper that you have to hold on to until January. Then you go in and find out if it,s only a $5 winner, or up to a $100 winner. I’m still going to buy more gift cards because I eat there lie at least twice a week. I LOVE BUFFALO RANCH WRAPS!

This weekend was, well, interesting.

I had a very nice visit with my brother and sister-in-law lat night after work. Guys if you read this Elizabeth must be in your baby’s name!

Gotta jet and finish the morning routine.

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So Tom’s surgery went just fine. They found no clogs and did not need to put another stint in or do anything. He got home around 3pm today. I called work before going in to request to use half a vacation day to get out early to go see him and man did I get lucky. When I got into work they conveyor system had been down for a half hour and was down for about an hour after I got there. So even though it was a Canadian and observed American holiday (we are slower on Canadian holidays because we service out Canadian orders) they ended up being really busy the second half of the day…when I got to leave! Hi-ho!

Back to Tom; I dropped off my Motorola Xoom tablet to him so he could download shows and play some games and whatever along with the newest season of The League. Annie had left a PSP and some classic movies for him at my apartment so I dropped those off too. He seemed to be doing well. About 15 minutes after I got there Karen and Melissa showed up to take him to eat. So Tom s well.

Since I got out early I had time to fold and put away my 3 loads of laundry from yesterday and go to the grocery store to buy my drinks. I bought a new boar game. I just couldn’t pass up a game called Bezzerwizzer! A game of trivia, tactics and trickery. Who doesn’t love trickery? I do. I bet I am a better wizzer than you! DARE!

This weekend…

So on Friday I get a text from my best friend Tom saying he is going to the emergency room because he thinks he is dying but “…it is probably just gas…” I know better. About two years ago at the age of 37 he had a heart attack. I knew he was having another one so I was freaking out. I called St. Vincent’s here in Cleveland, where he said he was going, and I was transferred to six different people before they told me he was discharged. No way. I got another text from him saying “I had another heart attack they are taking me to The Cleveland Clinic and I’ll be here til surgery probably Monday.” Great. Not good. He doesn’t know what the surgery is except they are putting a stint in. If they are removing the first one or putting a second one in we do not know.

About 11pm the same night I get a call from my mother. “Carolyn, I need you to come over. It hurts. Oh my God it hurts.” “What hurts mom, where does it hurt what is going on?” Dead silence. She didn’t hang up the phone but she was not there. I rushed over to h house (6 blocks away) and found her collapsed on her bedroom floor. WTF. She was responsive though. She had another pancreas attack. Sent my brother a text. He came over after I was there for about 45 minutes getting her to drink some water and holding an ice pack on her stomach and a bag of green beans on her back. For some reason my mom keeps her ice packs in the laundry room not the freezer. Go figure.I left around midnight about 20 minutes after my brother left. So That was my Friday night. Sounds fun right?

Saturday was pretty nice. The sun was out for  bit so we went to the park and got in the river and played a bit. I like the Chagrin River. I think it is my favorite river lol.

Oh, Hankee just got here so I must go. Laters people


New People Making Me Think Of Old Friends…

So I was chatting with a new person and we got on the topic of him being a U.S. Marine. He was in the 0311 infantry. I “googled it” and the wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOS_0311 was not too helpful but somewhat informational. MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and nicknamed “Grunts.” All other Marines are POG’s (Personnel Other than Grunts) which I find to be a fantastic tid bit of information. I have been informed that the two aforementioned terms are some of the first things taught in boot camp The mission of the Marine Corps rifle squad is to locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver and/ or repel enemy assault by fire and close combat.

So, speaking with that person got my interest in one of my old friends from college, who was also a Marine, to see how he was doing and what he was up to and of course to get the details on his infantry. This friend was 3/25 Marine with special training with as a sniper. The 3rd battalion 25th division are nicknamed “Cold Steel Warriors.” Pretty effing cool.  Their mission to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel the enemy assault by fire and close combat. Additionally, the Battalion is prepared to augment active Marine Forces in case of national emergency.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3rd_Battalion_25th_Marines

More info about USMC training…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Marine_Corps_School_of_Infantry

Talking with my old friend I learned that he has moved back home to Bakersfield and is in the process of applying for the police academy (which the new friend is currently in.) I was also reminded that since he is a bad ass last year I mentioned that the Mud Runner Race was out there and since they let spectators watch while getting hammered drinking beer while seeing their friends get ripped apart or kicking ass in this crazy obstacle course I promised to go to California and watch if he entered the race. This years race also happens to be some year anniversary of the USMC race so it is a USMC Mud Run making it even better. I just hope he actually does it. I am already looking up flight information!


I am going to admit here that I have been getting the Mud Run and Tough Mudder mixed up this whole time. I apologize. The Tough Mudder is the event I am excited to watch NOT the Mud Run. My bad. We all make mistakes. Here is the link.



House Warming, NCAA Football, Wikipedia, and Learning New Things Daily…

My older brother, Chris, had his house warming get-together today. To be honest I didn’t really want to go but felt more obligated to go since I have been such a jerk to him recently. I guess I felt the need to make up for my behavior. Whatever. It went well. His other families were there to keep everyone occupied and I was able to hide out helping my mom cut foods in the kitchen.

Go football today too. The Ohio State Buckeyes crushed Illini. Notre Dame beat Pitt in the third overtime! I have never seen three overtimes before.

So you know I’ve been reading TAONC by Chirs Guillebeau and one of his suggestions to learn was to set your home page to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special:randompage. Done. Mostly (it has only been a few days) I have gotten post cards so-to-speak just little tid bits of info on one random thing. Not a whole page. I am cool with that. He also tells you to learn every country, world capital, and current president or prim minister in the world. I’ll work on that one next week 🙂

I need to figure out how to get academic references for this application at U of C. I emailed the one professor I had that I knew would remember me last week and he has yet to respond. I haven’t been in school for almost 4 years and the last 2 years were in classes with 200+ students so I m pretty much going back 6 years trying to find professors that would remember me AND still have the same contact information! Not an ideal situation…

Also working on finding a local tow-motor operations course to get me one-up in my workplace; assuming that showing my outside motivation to make me a more valuable employee works I will end up being more valuable of an employee!

One of the friends I made on the trip to the Marlboro Ranch in Montana and I are working out details for him to come visit good ol’ OH-IO. That should be fun.

Ok, I’m going to email myself a link to a page with a list of all the world countries and aforementioned stuff I need to memorize so I can print it out later and then get dumb and watch Jersey Shore. Happy Saturday!