Out With The Old


Out with the old in with the new so to speak. I haven’t found “the new” yet but I am certain the old is out. I have been abused and used long enough and it is time for me to see that I am better than that. I need to not be afraid to take that next step. I need to do what i really want to do in life even if it means taking risks that I am afraid to take. What is the worst that can happen if I send in that application to Cinci U? I don’t get accepted? So then ill apply to another school and write a better essay.

I have been reading this great book called “The Art of Non-Conformity” by Chris Guillebeau. It has really inspired me and I hope it continues to do so. I think itnis helping me get somenthing sorted out and get my ass in gear to be happy.

Other news, my stomach has been hurting lately so Ill have to go back to the doctor and see what is up with that. I am seeing an ortho specialist next week and might have to have surgery on my spine or something.

I am looking at an apartment Monday. It is a hundred dollars more than what I pay now and no garage but I’m going to look anyway. I have wanted to see these apartments for three years but they never had one available.

I bought four tickets to the Browns game fornthis Sunday and my “friend” who said she would drive cancelled on me Friday giving me no reason and just being a jerk. So that worst case senario ended up me losing $200. Cool.

I helped my mom out today. Turns out my brother doesn’t know how to do simple “man” tasks, or my mom just really wanted me there, so I went. Now all of a sudden I am back to being her best friend. She called me like me eight times asking if I wanted pizza. After the seventh time saying no I caved. She came over and made me download some crappy band on the tv and watch which is not something I had any desire to do. All I wanted to do today was organize my filing cabinet, which I have yet to touch!

Sunday Funday tomorrow.

In with the new 😉

A Lot Has Been Going On….

So I have recovered from my surgery. I am doing much better. I feel well for the most part. Only sore from work.

I have had a lot of stress in my life due to my expecting others to be like me and dealing with the disappointment that comes along with that. No one is like me. No one is as selfless as me (with the exception of one of my friends) and my feelings are constantly being hurt and I am constantly angry with people in my life. So I decided to shut everyone out. What better way to get all the anger and disappointment out of my life than to get rid of the people that cause it. Unfortunately that left me with one friend! LOL

So I called a few people from church after I had a little breakdown and I’m going to be working on how to deal with disappointment, how to live my life knowing that this person will never admit they are wrong or say they are sorry or please and thank you even though they expect it from me, learn to deal with people not just being there, and learn to deal with the hurt, and also learn to not give as much as I do.

There are choices. Which one would be the harder choice to make? That is the one I need to do. It would be so much easier to forget my mom ever existed; so much easier to forget all the things she has said to me and done to me to make me feel so hateful towards her. It is a lot harder to forgive her and let her back in my life.

New topic; Back to College;

I am applying to the University of Cincinnati (or whatever it is called) and gad school applications are sucky. So sucky that I am totally putting it off and probably not going to write the stupid essay for months. Yeah I am that lazy.

Jimmy John’s BS

So I go to Jimmy John’s, the popular sub shop franchise, the other day and I noticed that they do not have alfalfa sprouts in their inventory any longer nor have they for some time. I asked if I could substitute cheese since they do not have the sprouts and it says “alfalfa sprouts” right on their menu board. They said no and that if I wanted cheese they would have to charge me extra. I asked them why they don’t just put a piece of black tape or cross off any place it says their sanwhich comes with alfalfa sprouts.

“Corporate won’t let us make any changes to the menu.”

“So you falsely advertise, corporate won’t let you blck it out, and you refuse your customers any sort of substitution?”


“Is tehre a corporate phone number I can call about this?”

“Nope but you can email them.”

So not only does Jimmy John’s not serve their customers properly, they falsely advertise a product they do not carry and won’t even take a phone call. So I emailed jimmyjohn@jimmyjohns.com about the event and my dissatisfaction. Here is what I wrote;

“I have been a cook in restaurants for fifteen years and I am a regular customer at your Mayfield Heights, OH store. You have recently taken off alfalfa sprouts from the menu. I asked if I could ave cheese on my #3 since you do not have sprouts. They said no they have to charge. I asked why do you false advertise. It says alfalfa sprouts on the menu and you haven’t had them in some time. Why don’t you put a black sticker over it so people do not get upset when their sub that is supposed to have sprouts on it doesn’t have any. They told me because corporate will not allow them to change the menu. I think it is ridiculous that you will not change the menu or allow the stores to tape over the items you no longer carry I also am very upset that, because you falsely advertise, you will not even allow your customers to substitute another item. If I ever have a customer complaint I fix it immediately or offer them a free beverage or dessert. Jimmy John’s does nothing but tell you to send an email to corporate. Horrible customer service.

Thank you for your time,
Carolyn Campbell”
Their response;


Thank you for taking the time to contact us.


We have actually started to get sprouts back into our locations! They will be arriving at stores across the nation over the next several weeks.


Thank you,



(This message is intended only for the use of the individual (s) or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and/or proprietary to Jimmy Johns. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, forwarding or copying of this communication is prohibited without the express permission of the sender. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original message).”

BULLCRAP. They still suck. So I responded again;

Are you doing anything for your customers in the meantime?”

She never responded. So of course I had to send another message regarding my hate for poor customer service;

“Since you haven’t responded to fix my complaint I still think you have terrible customer service and will be going to the Potbellys that is right next door to Jimmy John’s if you are unwilling to satisfy your customers.”

They did not respond to that either.

Eff Jimmy John’s!

Short and Simple (okgo)

I was tole that Dan from Human Resources wanted to speak with me today. To sum things up I am on the verge of being fired. I made a couple mistakes when I started with counting parts or whatever. Everyone makes mistakes when they are first on their own (in fact I spoke with one of the new guys today and asked him how many errors he has made ad he has made more errors than me) but I found the source of my mistakes and fixed them. I haven’t made any mistakes since I figured out why I was making them. Add on top of that and all the sick days I’ve taken they are a little upset and are discussing whether they should fire me now or let me have a chance.

I immediately went to the warehouse manager and told him that I was cancelling my doctor appointments so I have to figure out how to see my doctors when I am not working. Told him that when I am back to my regular job I will be the best and not make any mistakes. I also mentioned that during the past few weeks that I have been on light duty I have worked in multiple different areas of the business and have done a very good job at everything they had me do. So just in case someone is looking out for me I have proven to be a good worker in other areas (usually they just fire people instead of placing them in a different position unless they already have been working there for a while.)

I’m hoping they let me prove myself and let me keep my job. If I continue to make the errors then fine I deserve it.

I was finally able to convince Annie to let my massage guy work on her a little bit. She has been nervous about massages ever since she had cancer. But she tried it and she liked it. I am glad I was able to be a part of her moving on and taking that next step. I love you Annie!

Tom has a lady friend now so there goes my best friend. I used to see him at least twice a wk and now I’m lucky if I see him twice a month.

Good news; tailgate party compliments of Eddie’s winter job tomorrow. OH-IO

TBDBINL is playing the half-time show at the Browns game the 28th so I got tickets for me, Lisa, Lisa and Eddie. That should be a fun day. Something to look forward to.