My Friday the 13th…

I def had a Friday the 13th kind of day. On my breakfast sandwich they put ham on instead of sausage, at work I ran out of staples when I was already running behind on my cycle, I got lunch at the cafeteria and my brat was cold as heck as were my brussel sprouts, during lunch I put my scanner in the guest spot to charge it and someone took my scanner out and put their own in so my scanner died with 3 hours left to go, causing me to get behind again because I had to run around to find a new scanner. I had been dropping stuff all day long, and when I was writing up a problem at work I copied the wrong part number and there were none of the parts left to show the problem solver so the problem solver had absolutely no clue what to do.
Now it is Saturday. After I went and renewed my license I was supposed to ave lunch with my mom and my friend then my other friend was supposed to come over and help me clean up and pack and what have you. Well, I got my license but my mom bailed on lunch as did my friend. Then when I asked my other friend what time she was coming over she said she was up really late and was going to sleep and couldn’t make it. Everyone bailed on me and I’m starving and there is crap all over my apartment. Ugh. Not a good weekend thus far but I bought myself a new pair of tennis shoes.
I think I have a shoe addiction.
Have a great weekend everyone!