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So today is my last day being audited @ the new job. Let us hope for a no error day! I’ll be on my own on Monday! Eek. Ecited and nervous.
My brother and sister-in-law are taking mom to NYC to see her favorite actor, Jim Parsons, in a Broadway play. Hope they have fun.
Ill be going to Put In Bay tomorrow for the 4th of July bash! Yay!
Have a great weekend everybody.

Hotter than a BBQ grill??

So, as you know, I have a new job. I work in a warehouse that has three floor and a bunch of big fans because it doesn’t really have air conditioning. When it is 80 degrees outside it feels like it is 110 degrees on the third floor, which is where I work. On hot days like today and yesterday they go around and give us all Gatorade and towels from a bucket of ice to wrap around our heads or whatnot. Now I was a cook for 15 years of my life and I have never been this hot before even working in front of a 160 degree grill. So, me and my friend were talking and have been comparing how hot it is (he is still a line cook) and I got to thinking about how could we measure who gets hotter. I’m not talking body core temperature either, I’m talking surface temp here. So we cannot use a regular thermometer because those measure core temps. The only thermometers I found that measures surface temperatures are BBQ grill thermometers. These you place on your grill to find the “hot spot” and so on. So guess what. I ordered two and we are each going to take them to work and stick them on our foreheads when we feel really hot and see what happens! I am so excited! Seriously, this is going to be fun. I love learning new shit and this is something that I think needs to be discovered!

I will keep you posted when my BBQ grill/forehead thermometers arrive!

Blog time. My sister had a baby!

Today my sister Fran had her second child; Elias Jozef S. He is beautiful!

I had my last day of training at work today so tomorrow I will start with the auditing process. Basically for another two weeks I have an “auditor” watching every move I make to make sure I am capable of doing the job correctly and in pace.I know I can handle it. I also know that I will make a mistake which is why I am good at my job. Because I can make sure to “learn from my mistakes” so to speak.

I am enjoying NOT being in a smothering, suffocating, needy, abusive, relationship. I actually do whatever I want whenever I want. It is great. However I would like things to be a little more serious and I would also like it if he stopped having girls post pictures of their ass on facebook for him. I guess I would also like for him to stop commenting on said ass pictures and just delete them.. Which brings me to my next topic;

What is the deal with men’s commitment issues? If you are not seeing anybody else, if you are not keeping an eye out for another opportunity, if you are not calling other girls to say goodnight, then why don’t you just call me your girlfriend? It is the exact same thing but with a label. I’ll be your girlfriend and you’ll be my boyfriend until one of decides we don’t want to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Doesn’t that make sense to anyone?

OK. It is time for me to get to some television watching. Make sure to comment or write me if you plan on making any purchases online so I can put a direct link on my page just for you!

Peace out.

06/02/2012 Update on me!

So I have been at my new job at McMaster-Carr for four days now. No complaints. Everyone there seems to be really nice. The only hard thing is the last break is at 3:05pm and going without a cigarette for three hours has been really tough! Plus I don’t eat a big lunch so I am basically starving by the end of the day! But I have been taking my watch off after the last break so I’m not watching the clock waiting and waiting for a cigarette. That helped out Friday a little bit. I am sure it will get easier.

I am also thinking about moving to Twinsburg or Aurora because it takes 50 minutes to get from my front door to my workstation. I have had to fill my gas tank up twice this week! I am used to a full tank lasting about a week and a half. Huge difference.

Anyway, so that’s that. Everyone have a great weekend! Go Tribe!