Blossom Time 2012

Man it has only been two days into the festivities and its already been a blast. Shout out o the Chagrin Valley Jaycee’s and Heinen’s for putting on a great show each year! Thursday night was the 24th annual Balloon Glow. It’s so cool to pack a cooler, gather all your friends, and find a nice spot on the grass to watch the hot air balloons blow up and glow!
Mostly everybody made it back in to their home town last night and gathered at all the local spots. It was so nice to see everyone any catch up on how things are going. 20 year high school reunion anyone??

Blog Time

So, as life would have it I have finally gotten a career job! Yay for me. My life is changing so rapidly lately. For the better. I think. Moving away from the old, somewhat, and in with something sorta new. new beginning per se.
As for the job, well, I will be starting working for McMaster-Carr on May 29th. Really excited. This company has been in business for over 100 years, never had lay-off’s, and continuously expanding. They sell over half a MILLION parts! That is a lot. It is almost unheard of. They strive be the best and I think they are the best. Check them out.
Relationship wise everything is still a little rough and confusing. It is hard to get past feelings for ones we have cared for and loved so much. But I am strong and I have help.
Friendship wise, most are growing, some are parting, and some are staying the same. Which is good. The ones growing are awesome (Annie.) The ones staying the same are awesome because there is no reason for them to change. The ones parting need to part.
Refresh. Cleanse.


Aren’t they supposed to be give and take? Aren’t you supposed to do things with and for your partner even if you sometimes don’t want to? Like go to their nephews birthday party when you would rather be watching the game?
So why, when you say okay and do what they want you to do, even though you don’t agree with their reasoning, would they get upset?
SO many different things happen relationships. So many fights. Disagreements. But we are still attracted to these people. Why?
Do the good things outweigh the bad? Do they give more than they take? Is it an even give and take? Is it sex? Is it because you don’t want to be alone?
I’m 28 and still trying to figure it out.
I haven’t had a single relationship yet that has been equal and worked. Something always happens. Do you stay with someone you know isn’t “the one” because you don’t want to be alone? Do you stay with them because maybe in the future they could be “the one?”
If the person you are with doesn’t like what you do why do they stay with you? Do they stay with you because they think you will change for them? DO they stay with you because it is convenient? do they stay with you because there isn’t anyone else for them at that time?
I wonder, on average, how many real relationships (not just flings) people have before they find who they are supposed to be with….

Burntwood Tavern. Chagrin Falls, OH

So Thursday night my friend Lisa came over and had me go out with her. It was a little late and I was wearing my pajamas but I decided “what the heck?”

The service is always great there thanks to Kevin. He is a great bartender and always remembers a face. Its his job but he is better at it than others. Although the service was good the food, not so much. I had a wedge salad and some loaded potato chip things. So yeah, wedge salads can be boring, but they usually taste amazing. This one was very bland. Their peppercorn dressing didn’t have much flavor,it was like ranch dressing without the spices. Not enough bacon to give it that flavor either anf no red onions so I pretty much tasted egg yolk the whole time.

Tavern Chips; kettle chips topped with gorgonzola, bacon, garlic, and scallions for $6 = party in my mouth but left me with horrible breath for the rest of the night. But hey, garlic is worth it on a Thursday night when you are in an uppity bar wearing your pajamas and a trucker hat!

Hello Friends!

My name is Carolyn Campbell, although most of you know that already! I have created this site to make it easier on you. I will be your personal shopper. In this crazy internet world where there are hundreds of places to buy the same product I will help you find the right one for you rom the right place for you.

I am hoping that you will also enjoy my advice and opinions of many different prouducts and topics. Feel free to ask questions or comment on anything here or anywhere!

Thanks for checking in,