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The return of the Buckeyes!!! I am very stoked about this season. Pretty much because it actually counts. The Buckeyes have had a rough couple seasons with all the drama. We have won our first two games but have not played as well as we should or could so we will see what happens tonight when we play California.

As most of you know, I have moved into a new place. I was reluctant at first to move so far away from my mom because, well, a lot of things; her recent surgery, her being alone and, the winter coming up and all the little errands I would do for her and selfishly because it is nice being able to hop in my car and drive five blocks and be at mom moms if I’m bored or want to watch live TV ha! I thought I would get to see my niece, Sibley, a little more being closer but that has not happened. I get to see her briefly when all of us have time slots open. I have been seeing the nephews more though. They have been over twice since I’ve been here and are planning on coming by again next week. They are a blast! Eli is getting so big! He is like a little short linebacker! So rough and tough that kid is and he just one year old! Henry has grown into a little adult! He is so smart. He has learned very well how to share with his little brother which is super nice and quite adorable. And the best part is when they leave Eli screams and cries and Henry doesn’t stop squawking like a pterodactyl! I love other people having children for me!

Anyway, I made the decision and moved 30 miles away from mom and 28 miles closer to work! The move went smoothly because I had a lot of great help from all my friends. We got the trucks unloaded and boxes in the place and then went straight to the pool. I have a pool again! Yes! At first there were some things I did not like. like the fact that when someone in the building does laundry or takes a shower I hear the water pipes, how far I have to go to take out the garbage, people always leaving the entrance door wedged open so anyone can come in, and the fact I’m in an animal building there are crying dogs all day long that freak the goodness out of my poor little cat. But I love it here now that I am settled in and used to things and have discovered that no one out here gives a crap about NCAA football so I can go anywhere on any Saturday and find a seat at the bar to watch the games. Not to mention the Chipolte here NEVER has a line! Seriously. I have never had to wait in a line here to order anything. It is amazing.

On to the random stuff. People at work must find me amazing because I feel like a celebrity hearing all the bullshit they come up with to talk about me when I’m not there or behind my back or bitch about whatever it is. These “adults” I work with (with a few exceptions) complain about some of the stupidest stuff I’ve ever heard. I’m going to avoid getting into details publicly because I love my job and the company I work for but some of the things I hear are just plain ridiculous and really no one’s business to say anything about or any way any one would know such personal things about me so all completely untrue! With that said I am a hard worker. I have stepped up my game since I had my review. I wear earplugs to keep all the distracting noise out, keep my head down so people don’t want to pull me into their drama, and do a lot more extra work and I’m very proud of myself about how much I have improved there over the past few months. I just hope they see it that way too lol!

As for my love life it is pretty much non-existent and I think I am going to keep it that way for a while. Dudes be acting a fool. I am starting to think that men might be just as crazy as women if not a little bit more.

Off to watch game 3.


Straight No Chaser

So I accepted my mom’s invitation to go to the State Theater in Cleveland’s Playhouse District to go see Straight No Chaser without looking up who they were thinking that since it was mid-December it would likely be a Christmas musical. I was very mistaken. They ended up being an A Capella boy band! Leave it to my mother to want to go see a boy band for her 65th birthday!

It was actually really really good (she tends to have pretty good taste in music and finds a lot of off-the-wall artists I would never have heard of if it weren’t for her.) I enjoyed the whole show. I sang along and loud. I suggest if Straight No Chaser ever comes to your city that you see them year after year because they put on a great show.

These 10 guys started out singing at University of Illinois in some music related collegiate thing. They were asked to preform for their 10 year reunion back in 1998 I believe (don’t quote me though.) They sang their famous take on The 12 Days of Christmas, which is really funny by the way, and a few days later it was posted to youtube and a few days after that one of the members got a phone call from Atlantic Records and bam the group got together and started touring and have been getting better ever since.

Here is a link to the original performance from 1998 http://youtu.be/2Fe11OlMiz8

And this was my favorite from Last night. It is a mash up of songs from the band Fun. One of my favorite bands this year. http://youtu.be/-i6CIl-bFGw (way better sound live though.)

Remember that video is 14 years old so just imagine what they have grown to become. Check out me of their other videos that have been uploaded by fans on youtube.com.

Check it out. And thanks mom for yet another introduction to great music!


So, sponges are something we use in our homes daily for most o us. They are getting really expensive these days so here are some tips to make your sponges last a little longer…

We all know that sponges hold water. That’s kind of what they are meant to do. But not a lot of people realize how important it is to get the water and soap out of your sponge after you use it. Every single time. Bacteria grown in water, mold is caused by water, and just because its an-bacterial soap we wash our dishes with doesn’t mean a wet sponge will stay clean. They are kind of like a wet towel. Would you leave a wet towel on the floor of your room? No, you hang it up to dry.

So when you’re done washing your dishes, every time, run the sponge under the water and squeeze as much of the leftover soap out then squeeze as much of the water out as you can and place the sponge wherever you put it either on its side, so the remaining water will fall down and off the sponge, or with the rough side down so the water still in it will evaporate out instead of being trapped in by the glue that holds the rough together. It will prevent your sponge from getting that nasty old smell and make them last a lot longer. A lot of companies sell sponge racks for you to but to attach to the inside of your sink to put the sponge to dry or “sponge bowls.” I like my little nick-knacks so I have these two perfectly odd shaped bowls hat my sister made in her high school ceramics class I put my sponges in. I also have two sponges. One sponge to clean “human food plates” and a different sponge to clean “animal food plates.” I mean gross, I’m not cleaning dried up cat food and the plates I eat off of with the same sponge. Cross-contamination. Then my plates might end up tasting like cat food eventually! And when I switch out my sponges I usually throw the cat food sponge away and move the human plate sponge to now clean the cat bowls and use the new sponge for my plates.

It really does save a lot. I probably only go through 4 sponges a year just because I keep them clean and dry and also clean the bowls that hold them about once a week so everything stays clean.

Just thought I would throw that little bit of information out there in case anyone didn’t already know. It takes like 5 seconds to rinse the sponge and squeeze it dry and saves o a few trips down the cleaning isle at the grocery store!



So Tom’s surgery went just fine. They found no clogs and did not need to put another stint in or do anything. He got home around 3pm today. I called work before going in to request to use half a vacation day to get out early to go see him and man did I get lucky. When I got into work they conveyor system had been down for a half hour and was down for about an hour after I got there. So even though it was a Canadian and observed American holiday (we are slower on Canadian holidays because we service out Canadian orders) they ended up being really busy the second half of the day…when I got to leave! Hi-ho!

Back to Tom; I dropped off my Motorola Xoom tablet to him so he could download shows and play some games and whatever along with the newest season of The League. Annie had left a PSP and some classic movies for him at my apartment so I dropped those off too. He seemed to be doing well. About 15 minutes after I got there Karen and Melissa showed up to take him to eat. So Tom s well.

Since I got out early I had time to fold and put away my 3 loads of laundry from yesterday and go to the grocery store to buy my drinks. I bought a new boar game. I just couldn’t pass up a game called Bezzerwizzer! A game of trivia, tactics and trickery. Who doesn’t love trickery? I do. I bet I am a better wizzer than you! DARE!

This weekend…

So on Friday I get a text from my best friend Tom saying he is going to the emergency room because he thinks he is dying but “…it is probably just gas…” I know better. About two years ago at the age of 37 he had a heart attack. I knew he was having another one so I was freaking out. I called St. Vincent’s here in Cleveland, where he said he was going, and I was transferred to six different people before they told me he was discharged. No way. I got another text from him saying “I had another heart attack they are taking me to The Cleveland Clinic and I’ll be here til surgery probably Monday.” Great. Not good. He doesn’t know what the surgery is except they are putting a stint in. If they are removing the first one or putting a second one in we do not know.

About 11pm the same night I get a call from my mother. “Carolyn, I need you to come over. It hurts. Oh my God it hurts.” “What hurts mom, where does it hurt what is going on?” Dead silence. She didn’t hang up the phone but she was not there. I rushed over to h house (6 blocks away) and found her collapsed on her bedroom floor. WTF. She was responsive though. She had another pancreas attack. Sent my brother a text. He came over after I was there for about 45 minutes getting her to drink some water and holding an ice pack on her stomach and a bag of green beans on her back. For some reason my mom keeps her ice packs in the laundry room not the freezer. Go figure.I left around midnight about 20 minutes after my brother left. So That was my Friday night. Sounds fun right?

Saturday was pretty nice. The sun was out for  bit so we went to the park and got in the river and played a bit. I like the Chagrin River. I think it is my favorite river lol.

Oh, Hankee just got here so I must go. Laters people


House Warming, NCAA Football, Wikipedia, and Learning New Things Daily…

My older brother, Chris, had his house warming get-together today. To be honest I didn’t really want to go but felt more obligated to go since I have been such a jerk to him recently. I guess I felt the need to make up for my behavior. Whatever. It went well. His other families were there to keep everyone occupied and I was able to hide out helping my mom cut foods in the kitchen.

Go football today too. The Ohio State Buckeyes crushed Illini. Notre Dame beat Pitt in the third overtime! I have never seen three overtimes before.

So you know I’ve been reading TAONC by Chirs Guillebeau and one of his suggestions to learn was to set your home page to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/special:randompage. Done. Mostly (it has only been a few days) I have gotten post cards so-to-speak just little tid bits of info on one random thing. Not a whole page. I am cool with that. He also tells you to learn every country, world capital, and current president or prim minister in the world. I’ll work on that one next week 🙂

I need to figure out how to get academic references for this application at U of C. I emailed the one professor I had that I knew would remember me last week and he has yet to respond. I haven’t been in school for almost 4 years and the last 2 years were in classes with 200+ students so I m pretty much going back 6 years trying to find professors that would remember me AND still have the same contact information! Not an ideal situation…

Also working on finding a local tow-motor operations course to get me one-up in my workplace; assuming that showing my outside motivation to make me a more valuable employee works I will end up being more valuable of an employee!

One of the friends I made on the trip to the Marlboro Ranch in Montana and I are working out details for him to come visit good ol’ OH-IO. That should be fun.

Ok, I’m going to email myself a link to a page with a list of all the world countries and aforementioned stuff I need to memorize so I can print it out later and then get dumb and watch Jersey Shore. Happy Saturday!


A Lot Has Been Going On….

So I have recovered from my surgery. I am doing much better. I feel well for the most part. Only sore from work.

I have had a lot of stress in my life due to my expecting others to be like me and dealing with the disappointment that comes along with that. No one is like me. No one is as selfless as me (with the exception of one of my friends) and my feelings are constantly being hurt and I am constantly angry with people in my life. So I decided to shut everyone out. What better way to get all the anger and disappointment out of my life than to get rid of the people that cause it. Unfortunately that left me with one friend! LOL

So I called a few people from church after I had a little breakdown and I’m going to be working on how to deal with disappointment, how to live my life knowing that this person will never admit they are wrong or say they are sorry or please and thank you even though they expect it from me, learn to deal with people not just being there, and learn to deal with the hurt, and also learn to not give as much as I do.

There are choices. Which one would be the harder choice to make? That is the one I need to do. It would be so much easier to forget my mom ever existed; so much easier to forget all the things she has said to me and done to me to make me feel so hateful towards her. It is a lot harder to forgive her and let her back in my life.

New topic; Back to College;

I am applying to the University of Cincinnati (or whatever it is called) and gad school applications are sucky. So sucky that I am totally putting it off and probably not going to write the stupid essay for months. Yeah I am that lazy.